Vaca is a Tauren Warrior who recently hit Level 13. She, and her friend Neverlast, a Tauren Druid, have been adventuring together through WoW Classic.

Today, they traveled around, turned in some quests that they were able to finish, and picked up some new quests they could work on next time.

These screenshots were taken on September 17, 2019

Vaca’s day started where she stopped, in Hunter’s Rise near the Warrior Trainer and the Hunter Trainer. It was time to try out some of the new skills she learned.

She flew to Thunder Bluff to meet up with her friend Neverlast.

Zhevra made good targets for Vaca to test her new skills on.

Neverlast and Vaca needed to kill off some Razormane in order to complete a quest. They ran into some helpful players who had the same quest, including a Troll named Zarakhan.

It was surprisingly easy to find players who understand the value of joining up with others who are on the same quest as they are. Typically, this group lasts until everyone kills enough of the required enemy to finish their quest.

An Orc Warlock named Brynni helped Vaca and Neverlast fight Kreening Snarlsnout. Neverlast marked him with a skull (possibly to help Vaca focus.)

Together, they successfully killed Kreening Snarlsnout.

Before leaving this area, our group needed to obtain a Supply Box and then take it to Crossroads.

Thork: Welcome to the Crossroads, warrior. My name is Thork — I lead the defenses here in the name of the Warchief.

Please feel free to make yourself at home. As long as you mind your business, no one should have any problem with you taking up some space.

There are many threats to our safety here. If you’ve already become familiar with the lay of the land, speak to the others here — perhaps they have tasks for you to do.

Thork is the questgiver who gave us The Disruption Ends quest and the Supplies for the Crossroads quest.

Neverlast, Vaca, and Brynni were able to turn in two quests to Thork.

Thonk: Cut off the head of their leader, and chaos ensues, Vaca. Learn this lesson well. It will aid you in the future.

The boars will flounder without direction, and we will be able to take back the Barrens.

He didn’t seem to care how many adventurers banded together to complete this quest. Vaca was rewarded with a Cinched Belt.

Thork: How goes your search for the supplies, Vaca? I trust the quillboar fall under your strength easily.

It was nice to unload a heavy box of Supplies on to Thork, and to get back some bag space.

Our small party ventured out to collect Fungal Spores. The spores weren’t difficult to find. The Kolkars around the spores, however, were dangerous. All three party members died.

The Lushwater Oasis was actually sort of pretty. It was nice to look at while taking a short rest after finally gathering up the required number of spores.

Vaca hit Level 14 after right after kiling yet another Zhevra. We had a quest to collect Zevhra hooves. Many of them didn’t have hooves, which Vaca and Neverlast found both perplexing and disturbing.

Back to The Crossroads to speak with Serga Darkthorn.

Serga Darkthorn: How may zhevra have you slain?

The Tauren looked at her, and decided not to directly answer that question. Was Serga Darkthorn aware of how difficult it was to find zhevra that actually had hooves? Unsure whether or not she was joking, The Tauren simply handed over the Zhevra hooves they had painstakingly collected.

Serga Darkthorn: Not bad, Vaca. Those zhevra hold a lot of strength in their legs. A sharp kick from them on its haunches!

It looks like you have some strength in you too. Are you ready for a real challenge?

Serga Darkthorn gave us the Prowlers of the Barrens quest. She asked the Tauren to collect 7 Prowler Claws from Savannah Prowlers.

The Tauren wondered if the prowlers would all actually have claws, or if they were experiencing the same mysterious plague as the zehvra were. Eventually, they shrugged, accepted the quest, and figured that the effort would at least give them some money.

Next, Vaca and Neverlast spoke with Apothecary Helbrim. He was the one who sent them out to get Fungal Spores.

Apothecary Helbrim: Do you have the spores, Vaca? There is a concoction I must send to my associate in Thunder Bluff, which requires the spores…

Apothecary Helbrim: Ah, good. These spores have rendered nicely. Thank you, Vaca.

Neverlast was already making arrangements for the flight to Thunder Bluff.

Flying across the Barrens to Thunder Bluff is faster than walking there

The Tauren needed to go to The Pools of Vision, which is a small cave system underneath Spirit Rise in Thunder Bluff. There are several Forsaken in there, which seemed very strange to Vaca.

She wondered why they weren’t living in their own city. Were these Forsaken outcasts?

On her way through the cave, Vaca was stopped by Clarice Foster, who was a higher level than she was.

Clarice Foster: Filthy scum! Leaves me for his damn crusade. Because “the Light is the most important thing we have against the threats the undead pose.”

Well, what about his children?! What about ME?! Night after night I sat patiently waiting for him… always second to his blasted duty!

Well, witness what “justice” brings you, Vaca! He’s dead and I’m bearing the very thing he was trying to stop!

Take this piece of junk and put it on his tomb at the Sepulcher. I want nothing to do with it anymore… or him!

Clarice pressed a pendant into Vaca’s hand, and told her to look for Yuriv’s Tomb in Silverpine. Vaca didn’t entirely understand what Clarice Forster meant by “the Light”. Maybe these pale people can’t go out in the sun?

Neverlast and Vaca found eventually found Apothecary Zamah in the Pools of Vision. They handed off the rendered spores from Apothecary Helbrim, and didn’t ask any questions about what those spores would be used for.

Vaca’s day started, and ended, in Thunder Bluff. It was time for a rest.


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