The adventures of Vaca and Neverlast continue! This time, they set out to collect Raptor Heads and Centaur Bracers. If they were lucky, one of the Centaurs would drop a key that would open a chest.

These screenshots were taken on September 19, 2019.

Vaca started her day by learning how to cook Brilliant Smallfish. Warriors need a lot of food, so it seemed like a good idea to learn the Cooking Skill.

Neverlast and Vaca took a flight to where they needed to be in order to complete a few quests they had started. It was much faster than walking there!

They fought some Kolkars at The Forgotten Pools. It’s a lovely background to fight a battle in!

Neverlast and Vaca make a good team. There’s just something about paring up a Warrior and a Druid that makes battles go well. The Tauren had the opportunity to explore The Forgotten Pools while working on a quest.

The Tauren decided to find another area that had Centaurs, hoping that a different group would have more Bracers. There were plenty of Kolkar to fight in the Barrens, but they were too strong.

The Tauren were able to separate out a few Kolkar from the crowd, and that almost worked. The disadvantage was that the battles lasted longer, and The Tauren had to take the time to heal up afterwards.

They decided to return to The Forgotten Pools, where the Kolkar were easier to fight. This one didn’t have any Bracers, but did drop a Kolkar Booty Key. It was exactly what they needed to open a chest…. that they hadn’t found yet.

Neverlast and Vaca celebrated their good luck and took a moment to enjoy the scenery. It’s easy to forget, while the fighting is going on, that there is still beauty in this world.

The Tauren had managed to collect six out of the fifteen Centaur Bracers they needed in order to complete a quest. Vaca charged the next two Kolkar they saw, in an effort to speed things up. She knew that Neverlast was right behind her, and that he was very good at healing.

The Kolkar Chest was located on top of a structure in the Barrens, near the area where the tougher Kolkar had gathered. Neverlast received 2 Mageroyal and 2 Briarthorn from the chest. It was a Druid quest, and Vaca was happy to help Neverlast complete it.

Back to collecting Centaur Bracers. The Tauren now had eight out of the fifteen required for the quest. It was taking longer than expected, but for a Warrior, that just meant more opportunities to practice fighting skills.

One would think that two Kolkar (who might have Cenatur Bracers) with two dinosaurs (who had parts needed for a separate quest) would be a lucrative battle. But, no. They didn’t drop anything useful.

Vaca was Level 14, and Neverlast was Level 15. The aftermath of this battle was impressive, and worthy of taking a moment to remember it.

Back to The Forgotten Pools! After slaying yet another Kolkar (that did not have Centaur Bracers), a small herd of graceful animals ran past Vaca and Neverlast.

To Vaca, it looked like a mother deer, leading her babies to safety. Perhaps Neverlast, as a Druid, knew the proper names of these graceful creatures. The Tauren stood still and allowed them to pass by.

To switch things up for a while, the Tauren changed targets and went after Sunscale Screechers. They needed to finish a quest that required them to collect the heads of these loud, fast, creatures.

All of the Screechers clearly had heads at the start of the battle. Unfortunately, Vaca’s two-handed Goblin Smasher sometimes turned those heads into a pile of goo by the end of the battle, making them unusable.

At least, that’s what she figured must have happened, since so many of the Screechers didn’t have a head anymore when The Tauren tried to loot their corpses.

These two Kolkar dropped just enough Centaur Bracers for The Tauren to finish the quest. It was a big relief to not have to fight these angry people anymore.

The Tauren returned to Rethgar Deathgate, an Orc who stood at the top of a tower in The Barrens. “How goes your hunting?”, he asked. Vaca and Neverlast handed a pile of Centaur Bracers to Rethgar Deathgate.

Vaca hit Level 15 and obtained a Stonewood Hammer. It was two-handed, which she preferred, and more powerful than the Goblin Smasher.

Next, Vaca followed Neverlast up Dreadmist Peak, so he could complete some kind of Druid quest. It wasn’t something Vaca understood, though he tried to explain it to her.

The air grew thick with red colored dust, making it hard to see – and breathe. Vaca wasn’t sure how she would see their enemies before they were right on top of them.

The Burning Blade Orcs at the top of this awful place used magic that glowed brightly. That made it much easier for Vaca to see – and hit – them. Together, The Tauren slayed them all so Neverlast could finish his Druid quest – whatever it was.

Back to The Crossroads, where Neverlast and Vaca turned in the Raptor Heads to Garzog. He saw the raptors as “thieves”. Vaca didn’t much care what Garzog thought of them – she just wanted to turn in the raptor heads she and Neverlast collected. Bag space is scarce!

The Tauren ran into Mankrik at the Crossroads. He gave them two quests to work on: Consumed by Hatred, and Lost in Battle. Mankrik had a lot to say:

Mankrik: I came to the Crossroads from the south seeking help, warrior, but I find only cowards who turn their backs on me — even the mighty Thork insults me so. He is a good leader, but his dismissal of my plea causes me great anger.

He claims my rage makes me hasty — that it clouds my judgement — but I will not rest until I have vengeance!

The Tauren decided to help him out, as soon as they were able to.

The Tauren ended their day at Thunder Bluff. Vaca decided to give the pile of wool she collected to Rumstag Proudstrider, who was seeking donations of wool. The Tauren had a shortage of cloth, and Vaca was willing to share what she had found.

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