This blog is part of a series I began about a year ago. I was involved in an “A to Z” challenge. People who participated were supposed to write one blog for each letter of the alphabet and post the blog on a specific day. I choose to write about stuff related to the “Diablo universe”. I failed to finish the challenge.

I’ve decided to finish up the last couple of “A to Z” blogs as part of my participation in #Blaugust. The topics were already planned out, and in my head, so now is a good time to actually sit down and write them.

Y is for Yellow loot. It’s not the worst kind of loot a player can pick up, but its far from the best.

For a while, yellow loot was the stuff that I was hoping to find. I remember killing of a mob of monsters and hoping to see that at least some of the items they dropped had yellow text. Whatever it was, chances were that it would be better than what I already had.

There was a time when my stash was filled with yellow items. I figured that when my character outgrew them, those items would be helpful for the next character I created. For the most part, this turned out to be true. It took a while to have a new character use the yellow gear though, due to the level requirements that the armor or weapon had.

Later, after I’d gotten a few characters to Level 70, yellow gear stopped being as attractive as it once was. My characters had reached the point where they had found some Legendary items, and they needed more of them. When a mob of monsters dropped nothing more than blue and yellow gear, it was a disappointment.

After I hit this point, I started selling off the yellow gear that was in my stash. Nothing in there was going to be as useful as a mediocre Legendary item. Some of the yellows in my stash had been placed there when Diablo III was new. The Reaper of Souls expansion provided better yellow gear, so the stuff I’d been saving was now almost useless.  Why did I think I’d need all that junk?  Chalk it up to my tendency to be a “digital hoarder”.

Today, when I’m running a Nephalem Rift, I don’t bother picking up gear unless it is a Legendary or a green set piece.  What once was the most exciting thing I could see drop from a monster has become extremely unimportant.  It’s not worth the time it takes to pick up grey, blue, or yellow gear.

Many players love to hate Kadala, an NPC (non player character) who is there to gamble with players.  Give her blood shards, and hope that the random items she gives you are something that you wanted.  I’m at the point where I’m hoping for set pieces, but still fairly happy when Kadala gives me Legendary items.  Watching my bag fill with yellows and blues is discouraging.

Of course, my boredom with yellow loot disappears for a bit when a new Season starts.  That Seasonal character only has access to whatever he or she can pick up, buy, craft, or get from Kadala.  A new Seasonal character cannot access anything that I’ve put into my stash.  For a short time, yellow items become exciting once again.

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