This is the final part of my series about Zalazane’s Fall.  It was a pre-Cataclysm event for the Horde.  All of my Horde characters were low level, so I’ve only included the quests that were accessible to low level Horde players.  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on September 29, 2010.

In the previous blog, I stopped after turning in a quest to Vol’jin.  This blog focuses on the last quest I was able to do in the Zalazane’s Fall event.  It is called “Dance of the Spirits”.

Vol’jin gives you a quest called “Dance of Da Spirits”.  This one was pretty interesting!

Vol’Jin: De time has come to start thinkin’ about when to make our move.  Champion Uru’zin tells me his men be ready.  You and Vanira done good work gatherin’ information on de enemy and findin’ us new allies.

Now, we read de omens.  We find out when to launch de attack.

Find Witch Doctor Hez’tok near the circle of ritual dancers.  He be startin’ de ritual as soon as you be ready.

You need to talk with Witch Doctor Hez’tok.

And the coolest thing happens!

Witch Doctor Hez’tok: Darkspears, we consult de spirits!  Drummers, take your places!

Witch Doctor Hez’tok: Spirits, we will be gathered here to ask for your guidance.

Witch Doctor Hez’Tok: Our leader, Vol’jin, son of Sen’jin, issued de call to all the Darkspears: reclaim de Echo Isles for our tribe.

Witch Doctor Hez’Tok: Spirits!  I offer me own body to you!  Speak through me!  Is de time right for mighty Vol’jin’s undertaking?

Voice of the Spirits: De ancestors hear ya, witch doctor!

Voice of the Spirits: Know dat your plans please us, Darkspears.  De son of Sen’jin walks de right path.

Voice of the Spirits: De task in front of ya will not be easy, but ya have our blessin’.

Voice of the Spirits: Ya gave up your home an’ ya gave up de loas of your ancestors when ya left de Echo Isles.  Dey will not be pleased dat you been ignorin’ dem.

Voice of the Spirits: Ya must make amends wit’ Bwonsamdi, de guardian of de dead, if ya hope to defeat Zalazane.  It be de only way.  Tell de son of Sen’jin dese things.

Witch Doctor Hez’tok shrinks back to his normal size.

Witch Doctor Hez’tok: De spirits have blessed us wit’ an answer!  De Echo Isles will be ours again!

You have now completed the “Dance of De Spirits” quest.

Here’s a few close-ups of the Ritual Dancers, just for fun:


Turn the quest in to Vol’jin.

You get an item called “Darkspear Pride”. Instead of looking like yourself…

…you transform into a tough looking Darkspear Warrior.

This is where the Zalazane’s Fall Pre-Cataclysm event ends for low level players.  It was as far as I could go.  No more quests appeared.  It is my understanding that higher level players were able to access more content than I could.

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