Zalazane’s Fall was the Pre-Cataclysm event for the Horde.  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on September 25, 2010.  The content you see in this series of blogs was the part of Zalazane’s Fall that low level Horde characters could do.

To start, go to Sen’jin Village on Darkspear Strand.

Talk with Vanira.  She gives you the quest “Da Perfect Spies”.

Vanira: Now, it would be foolish to go in blind ‘ere, so I be creatin’ some tiny spies to gather information for Vol’jin. He got to know what’s goin’ on over on de islands.

I could use da help, if you be feelin’ up to it.  I tell ya how it’s done.  First, ya gotta catch de frogs.  Dey like to stay in de shade of da palm trees around Sen’jin.

Once ya have de frogs, bring ’em over here to my sentry totem an’ atune them to me sight.

Catch five of these really fast Sen’jin Frogs.

The frogs end up in your bag.

When you get five frogs, take them to Vanira’s Sentry Totem.

Click on each individual frog from your bag, to attune them to Vanira’s sight.

Notice the creepy disembodied eyes that float over the frog?

Vanira: These be enough for me purposes.  Now comes the hard part.

This completes the first quest in Zalazane’s Fall.

The “Frogs Away” quest literally has you flying through the air on a bat and tossing the frogs you obtained in the previous quests out, as if the frogs were bombs.

Vanira: Wit de frogs ready to go, I be needin’ ya to help me send ’em out to the isles.

On de eastern side of Sen’jin Village, ya can find Handler Marnlek.  He be handlin’ all the bats for Vol’jin’s scouts and he can loan ya a bat to get ya out to de isles.

Take dis sack’ o frogs with ya.  I been askin’ de spirits for guidance.  Dey’ve sent smoke to show ya where I need de eyes most.  While ridin’ de bat, reach into de sack and toss de frogs towards de white smoke.

Vanira wants you to go to Echo Isles, which is across the water.

Instead of swimming, talk to Handler Marnlek.

He lets you borrow a bat.

Handler Marnlek: If ya need a bat, ya come to da right place.  I be handlin’ all de bats for de scouts.

You are supposed to click on the text that says: Vanira told me to speak to you about borrowing a bat.

The bat automatically flies you over Echo Isles, on a specific route.

Look for the pillars of white smoke.

Throw the frogs at the smoke. Really! There goes a frog!

Hopefully, you managed to target the white smoke.

You need to successfully deploy 12 attuned frogs.

The bat will bring you back to Senj’in Village….

…and drop you in front of Handler Marnlek.

Now, go back to Vanira to turn in the “Frogs Away” quest.

Vanira: I be one of da first to answer Vol’jin’s call to arms.  Will you be joinin’ us?

This completes the “Frogs Away” quest.

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