This is part of my series about Zalazane’s Fall.  It was the pre-Cataclysm event for the Horde.  All of my Horde characters were low level, so my blogs only include the quests that were accessible to low level players.  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on September 28 and 29, 2010.

At this point, Vanira is done with you.  The next thing you need to do is go talk to Champion Uru’zin.  He will give you the next quest “Trollin’ For Volunteers”.  It was night when I started this part of the event.

He gives you the quest: “Trollin’ For Volunteers”.  The goal of this quest is to inspire a few trolls to “join the cause”.  You are given one of Vol’jin’s war drums to play and sent to Razor Hill to try and “drum up” some Troll recruits.

Champion Uru’zin: Vol’jin has given me his war drums and put me in charge of trainin’ da new recruits here.  Only problem is we be short on new recruits.

Supposin’ I loaned ya dis drum, would ya use it to sound de call to war on Vol’Jin’s behalf in Razor Hill?  If ya could even inspire just a few trolls to join da cause, it would make a difference.  Once ya’ve convinced dem to volunteer, bring dem’ back to me for trainin’. Go over an’ talk to Handler Marnlek to de south.  He can lend you a bat for de ride to Razor Hill.

You need to go to Razor Hill. Before you go, speak with Handler Marnlek.

Borrow a bat that will fly you directly to Razor Hill. It beats walking there!

Look for Troll Citizens. Play Vol’jin’s War Drum. This inspires the Troll Citizen to become a recruit.

Troll Volunteer: Sign me up!

Troll Volunteer: Just point me at de enemy!

Troll Volunteer: I’d be glad to help.

Troll Volunteer: I’d be glad to help.

You need to get 5 Troll Recruits before you leave Razor Hill.

Leave Razor Hill with the 5 Troll Recruits.  They will follow you.

Head back to Sen’Jin Village.

Turn in the Troll Recruits to Champion Uru’zin.

Troll Recruit: When does de trainin’ start?

Troll Recruit: Reportin’ for duty.

Then, you actually have to click on Champion Uru’zin to turn in the quest.

Champion Uru’zin: Ya found some good ones.  I be trainin’ them hard and we won’t stop until we’ve driven Zalazane from our islands.

Here’s a screenshot of the Troll Army.

Champion Uru’zin is now done with you.

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