In my last blog about the progress of my Barbarian, Zeta, she had managed to make her way through Act III of Nightmare Mode. She was at level 48 when she started Act IV. Here are the highlights of her adventure since then.

At first, I hadn’t realized that Zeta had finished Act III of Nightmare (although, the cinematic should have been a clue). She ran through the portal to the High Heavens, ready to continue the battle.

Here’s Zeta with Eirena, listening to the conversation between Tyrael and Imperious.

Time to battle Iskatu.

Ithereal makes an appearance.

Ithereal: I am Ithereal, archangel of Fate. It is my duty to record what is and what will be written in the Scroll of Fate. But you, nephalem – you are not in the scroll. Your fate is unwritten.


Eirena, The Enchantress, shares information about the trees in the High Heavens. She says:
These Crystal Trees will wither if the corruption continues to spread, and all will be lost to darkness and ruin.

Time to fight Rakanoth. This took more than one try.

When you enter the Library of Fate, Diablo says: Rakanoth, do not fail me, or your fate will be the same as Iskatu’s and my brothers.

After the first attempt to beat Rakanoth, I got tired of hearing Diablo. What I love about this part of the game are the giant angel statues. Too cool!

There are parts of the High Heavens that are absolutely beautiful.

Rakanoth took a couple of tries to kill.

Angel’s Bane (Nightmare): Kill Rakanoth on Nightmare difficulty.

Ding! Zeta is now level 49!

A couple of nice drawings


Three Armored Destroyers…

…Plus Three Subjugators…

…Equals Dead

I switched from Eirena to Lyndon to get through the Rakanoth fight. To get through the batch of baddies that killed me, I switched to Kormac. He’s noticed that the High Heavens aren’t so pretty right now.

Kormac: What is this disgusting bile that covers the floor?

Zeta: Diablo’s dark hand has soiled this place.

Here’s a nice view of the glowing bridges that are in the High Heavens

Deathrattle Lord of Damnation (damn near killed me)

Another awesome giant angel statue

Look closely, off to the side, and you can see an Angel and Demon fighting.

I finally managed to get a screenshot of those demons that fly by faster than I can focus on them. As expected, they are kind of scary looking.

Zeta, and Kormac, made it into the Hell Rift, and fought Hammermash.

At this point, it was getting close to time to record Shattered Soulstone, so I decided to stop playing and start podcasting. I feel like I made some progress. Zeta got a little farther in Act IV of Nightmare mode and is now level 49.

Usually, I wait to stop playing until after I hit a checkpoint, but I wasn’t able to find one in time. So, I’m not entirely sure where Zeta will be at when I log in again. This could mean that I’ve lost some progress in the game and will get to fight those demons all over again. Works for me!

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