After rolling some low-level alts in Diablo III, my next goal was to get them each to level 10. So far, the only one I’ve managed to get there is my little Demon Hunter, Zoeie. Here are some screenshots of what she encountered on her way to level 10.

The Den of the Fallen wasn’t quite what I expected. There are creatures that are named “The Fallen” in Diablo III, but not one of them was in the Den. Instead, Zoeie found these interesting creatures to kill.

Sepsis Filthpit

Zarhym the Shamed (This one has been added to “The Many Faces of Zarhym” page on the Shattered Soulstone blog).

Zoeie completed the quest that involves finding the Blacksmith’s apprentice. It doesn’t have a happy ending.

Zoeie: It grieves me to tell you this, but your apprentice has died.

Haedrig Eamon: Fool boy.  Hope for the worst, and you will not be disappointed. Thank you for the news.

But You Can’t Hide: Kill 100 enemies that are running away.

The dungeons in the Cemetery of the Forsaken gave me the “Jar of Souls” event. I’d already gotten the achievement for that one, but, since it is my favorite of the events that can randomly pop up in this area, that was okay.

Insignius the Revenant

Zoeie took out Manglemaw. The first time I saw Manglemaw come through the wall was during the beta. It was scary!

Zoeie also killed Chancellor Eamon.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to actually pick up the Crown before you use the portal to go back to New Tristram. (Not that I’ve done that…. )

Bring the Crown to Haedrig Eamon. He is more than happy to work on it.

Haedrig Eamon: I need something more than making spades to occupy my mind.  I want my life to mean something.

Back to fighting! Here’s Wormwood the Hulking.

Off to kill The Skeleton King!

The Fallen Star caused a giant, blue, crater that glows.

By now, it was getting to be late/crazy early in the morning. I wasn’t looking forward to taking on The Skeleton King all by myself. At exactly that moment, lindonbjohnson asked if he could join my game. I, of course, happily said “Sure!”

Grax Devilkin

Gilgamesh the Cursed

We came across the part with the ghosts of Lachdanan, King Leoric, and the rest. But, since we were running through the dungeon, (and we had both seen this part before), we didn’t stick around to watch the whole scene unfold.

The Skeleton King appears, and asks: “You dare to bring the warmth of life into my tomb?” I love the mini-event that happens next. Mass destruction!

Here stands The Skeleton King, shortly before lindonbjohnson and I killed him. I am so very thankful for his help! We took down The Skeleton King really fast, and it was a good fight.

Somewhere along the way, Zoeie reached level 10, (which was my primary goal).

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