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Hearthstone: The Great Summoner Competition Tavern Brawl

The Tavern Brawls in Hearthstone have “crazy rules” that are different each time. This makes them fun to play. It provides an entertaining challenge with all kinds of unexpected things happening during a match.

If that isn’t enough to entice players, there is also a prize. Win one match in a Tavern Brawl – and you get a free Classic pack of cards. I’ve been trying to get into the Tavern Brawls every time I notice that one has appeared (but may have missed a few).

The Great Summoner Competition Tavern Brawl added an extra amount of randomness to the game. The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on August 16, 2015.

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Season Journey Chapter I (Season 4)


Season 4 of Diablo III included something brand new. The Season Journey has several Chapters. Players who work their way through all of it will get a special Portrait Frame and Pet. So far, I’m having a great time with it and looking forward to completing the entire thing.

Players start with Chapter I of the Season Journey. You will be able to see all the tasks that are part of that chapter. I learned that it is possible to complete tasks from Chapter II before you finish Chapter I. However, you can’t unlock a new Chapter until you finish the previous one.

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Pretty – by Jillian Lauren

Bebe Baker has always been pretty, right up until the car accident.  She survived, but came away from it with scars all over her legs and hands.  In addition, she was left with some extremely deep emotional scars.  Her boyfriend, Aaron, who she was madly in love with, did not survive the accident.

Even worse, the accident happened after the two of them had been drinking and smoking dope, and shortly after they had gotten into a big argument. Everything about Bebe’s life changed in the blink of an eye, including her personal appearance.  What can you do when your whole world has crumbled around you?  Where do you get the strength to move on, to grow, and to find redemption?

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Hearthstone: Too Many Portals! Tavern Brawl

I’ve been enjoying the Tavern Brawls in Hearthstone, and try to get into as many as I can. The randomness of the rules in the Tavern Brawl, and the access to cards I don’t actually have, makes things really fun.

The “Too Many Portals!” Tavern Brawl took place at the end of July/beginning of August 2015. This particular Tavern Brawl had 10 hours left when I started playing it.  I had enough time to play until I managed to win a match (and earn the free card pack).  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on August 2, 2015.

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Low on Vitamin D

This post is about my most recent doctor’s appointment and an update on my health.

I went to my doctor’s office today to follow up on some blood work.  Earlier this year, they discovered that I had a HUGE vitamin D deficiency.  (As in: “normal” is somewhere around 100 or so, and I was at 6.)

Today, I’m somewhere around 80 or so.  Still not great, but better.  This improvement is due to months worth of prescription strength vitamin D (that are so strong they are taken once a week).  The pharmacy gives me 4 of them at a time, and I’ve got 1 left from my current prescription.  My doctor gave me one more refill, and then I switch to over-the-counter- vitamin D.

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