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Diablo III: Season 28 – Getting Started

A Monk is wearing mostly leather armor. She carries a sword in an upraised hand and a club in her other hand. There is a golden crown on her head. She is wearing butterfly wings on her back. Next to her is a monstrous version of a pug dog.

In this video, I used the “Rebirth to Seasonal” so my Monk could work on the brand new Season 28 of Diablo III. She ran through a Nephalem rift. She also completed some sets of Bounties. This Season added an altar that players can use to give benefits to their character.

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Elevation – by Stephen King

The title of the book is "Elevation". The word is floating in the night sky with a colorful burst of color behind it.  Tiny letters under that say "a novel" In larger print, towards the bottom of the book, it says "Stephen King"

Scott Carey has a problem. He has discovered that he is losing weight – but not in a way anyone could have predicted. Scott chooses to confide in his friend (and former doctor) Dr. Bob Ellis. Scott Carey asks to be weighed on Dr. Ellis’s scale. Dr. Ellis is retired, but kept his highly accurate scale. The results are alarming!

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Diablo III: A Path To Level 70

In this video, my Monk moved up to Master difficulty in an effort to reach Level 70. She completed a set of Act V bounties, which got her to Level 69. After that, she picked out some Act III bounties in areas that were very likely to have a lot of monsters to kill. It’s a wonky plan – but it got her to Level 70.

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