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Totally Real Human Adults – Episode 098

The background is grey. White lettering spells out: Totally Real Human Adult. There is a group of creatures hiding in a trench coat, trying to pass as a human.

Artwork by Crash

Totally Real Human Adults is a game created by C.R. Legge. It appears to me meant as a one-off, and was created during the One-Page RPG Jam 2020. I was very excited to run this game and see what my players would do with it!

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Lessons Learned Week

The word "Blaugust" is underneath a red line. Below that is "2022" with two smaller red lines on each side of it. This is the logo for Blaugust 2022, created by Belghast.

By the time I’ve reached this point on Blaugust – really, any Blaugust I’ve participated in – I feel mixed emotions. Part of me is happy that I’ve managed to keep up with blogging this month. The other part of me is tired and just wants to be done. I’ve felt the same way during NaPodPoMo (where you post a daily podcast through November).

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World of Warcraft: Pet Biscuit

A Night Elf named Thrisper is looking at her Baby Blizzard Bear pet. She fed it a Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit, and it got big!

The original Pet Biscuit in World of Warcraft was called Papa Hummel’s Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit. If I remember correctly, I won this item from the All Things Azeroth podcast in 2009. To obtain it, I had to log into World of Warcraft, do some traveling, pick up the item, and then use it.

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The Inner Circle – by T.C. Boyle

An orange rectangle at the top of the book says "T.C. Boyle" (the name of the author. Below it is a green rectangle that says the title of the book "The Inner Circle". Below that is a black and white photograph of two young people who are "necking" inside of a very large car.

The Inner Circle is a work of fiction that also includes some real facts about Alfred Kinsey, the man best known for the Kinsey Reports. The entirety of the book comes to the reader through the mind of a fictional character named John Milk. Author T.C. Boyle makes it very clear that John Milk is a fictional character and not a historical person.

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