Me at Blizzcon with Devil HornsBook of Jen is a fan website created by me, Jen Thorpe.

This is NOT an official Blizzard Entertainment website.

It is where I put all the thoughts I have about the lore of the “Diablo universe”. I find myself thinking about the stories behind the characters, wondering how that universe works, and sometimes speculating about things that aren’t clearly spelled out for us.

In addition, it is where I put blogs about the Achievements I’ve earned, the bounties I found to be the most interesting, notable things about each Season, and more.

You might recognize me from the Shattered Soulstone podcast, where I am one of the hosts.

Book of Jen is currently a work in progress as I carefully transfer over my Diablo related blogs from my personal blog.  Everything posted before February 20, 2016, was originally posted at No Market Collective. (Some of the book reviews were originally posted on the blog of the Shattered Soulstone podcast.)

The photo in this About Page was taken at Blizzcon of 2014.