Supreme Court Gets Something Right

Photo of the Supreme Court by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

The Supreme Court can sometimes make decisions that can be very confusing for people to understand. Once in a while, the current Supreme Court Justices get things right.

Today’s decision resulted in the Justices rejecting a Republican-led challenge to the Biden Administrations’ communication with social media companies to combat online misinformation on topics related to COVID-19 and the 2020 election (TechCrunch)

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Beware The Dangers Of AI

The letters “AI” in neon on a black background by Igor Omilav on Unsplash

It seems like every corporation wants to use AI. This is not good for the environment, especially since it sucks up water and steals electricity that humans need in order to survive.

The BBC reported: … The world’s data centres are using ever more electricity and the International Energy Alliance (IEA) expects this to double in just four years. Data centres could be using a total of 1,000 terawatts hours annually by 2026. “This demand is roughly the equivalent to the electricity consumption of Japan,” said IEA. Japan has a population of 125 million people.

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Internet Archive Under Attack

Internet Archive logo

Imagine if you went to your local library and found that a vast majority of the books were missing. You seek out a librarian to ask why the shelves are so empty. The librarian responds that the books have been removed because of a lawsuit by a publishing company.

That might sound strange at first. But then, the librarian gives you more information. There was a lawsuit by a big publishing company that won their case. This required the library to begin removing 500,000 books. Those books will, essentially, disappear from this library.

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Happy Pride Month!

A flag with the transgender colors, a brown stripe and a black stripe, and the rainbow flag hangs on a house. Photo by Jack Lucas Smith on Unsplash

Flag with trans colors, a brown and a black stripe, and rainbow colors by Jack Lucas Smith on Unsplash

June 1 is the start of Pride Month. As such, there were many posts by politicians and other famous people who clearly were happy to celebrate Pride Month.

On (formerly Twitter) I found posts by:

Vice President Kamala Harris, who wore a sparkly pride flag over her denim jacket

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, who posted a video in which he talked about protecting LGBTQ+ in his state.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, who posted an image that said: California Celebrates Pride Month. He wrote: “With the rainbow flag proudly raised over the State Capitol, we stand with LGBTQ+ people, their loved ones, & allies throughout the state. Together, we will continue to demand equal rights for all to create a California for all.”

The White House posted a pastel colored image with the words “Happy Pride Month” on it. “This month and every month, our administration celebrates the extraordinary courage of LGBTQI+ people and proudly stands with them in the fight for equality, justice and inclusion.”

Mark Hamill posted an image “Celebrating Pride Month — we stand with our LGBTQ+” Behind those words in the image are a rainbow ribbon that makes a heart. Mark Hamill wrote: “June will always be #PrideMonth, but we support of LGBTQ brothers and sisters… Always. [rainbow flag emoji]

Sesame Street posted an image made of black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and pink fluff that resembles some muppets colors. They wrote: “Happy #PrideMonth from Sesame Street! Today and every day, we celebrate and uplift the LGBTQIA+ community. Together, let’s build a world where every person and family feels loved and welcomed for who they are.” [row of heart emojis]

NASA posted an image that said “NASA CELEBRATES LGBTQI+ PRIDE MONTH”. They wrote: “As we mark the start of Pride Month, we’re reflecting on how far we’ve come while recognizing the work still to be done. There’s space for everyone — of all genders and orientations — in exploration and discovery.” The image that was posted shows rainbow colors with stars scattered through them.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer posted an image that said “While other states restrict your freedom to be who you are and love who you love, [Michigan] is protecting equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community!” Above the image, she wrote “I want everyone in the LGBTQ+ community to know that I’ve got your back. Here in Michigan, we’ll fight for your freedom to be who you are and work together to create a world where no one lives in fear because of how they identify or who they love.”

US Department of the Interior posted “Happy Pride Month! Every person deserves the freedom to live with dignity, safety, and opportunity, no matter who they love or how they identify. Interior continues our work to share the stories of the LGBTQI+ movement and celebrate their contributions to advancing equality.” There is a photo of several people from the US Department of the Interior, dressed all the same. Some are carrying pride flags, and two people are holding a banner that says “STONEWALL NATIONAL MONUMENT — National Park Service”

Last year, my husband and I went downtown to experience Pride Fest. I hadn’t been to one in a long time, and wanted to go. The location was on the site which includes a large-ish church. There is room for vendors, food sellers, and more, depending on what kind of fest is happening at the time.

When we arrived, a female police officer asked me to let her look through the purse I was carrying and then allowed both of us in.

There were small barricades, weighed down by heavy weights made of metal. This was the first time I saw these heavy weights in front of the small barricades. The purpose was to prevent people from driving their vehicles right through Pride Fest.

Both sides of the location was intentionally blocked off. This allowed for LGBTQI+ people to safely enjoy the festivities. Far across a street that overlooks the space, were a group of people who came with signs that were spouting nonsense about people who are LGBTQI+.

A large crowd had formed inside the Pride Fest, where performers entertained the crowd — including one using a rope on a scaffold that she wound around herself, and another that was a contortionist. We heard from a person that was either on a committee for this or might have been a politician. She talked about things the local government was doing — had done — to make things safer for LGBTQI+ people.

And eventually, the haters who had been pushed back by law enforcement, were drowned out by the entertainment, the woman who made the speech, and all of us clapping.