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Archangel Auriel

Archangel Auriel is one of the members of the Angiris Council. Players encounter her in Diablo III, but very briefly. There’s a quest to rescue her. (She is taken prisoner by Rakanoth). After that, Auriel helps the player character by opening portals from one zone to the next.

There is more to Auriel than what you see in-game. Some of her story is found in The Book of Cain, and a small piece of it is in The Sin War trilogy.

There’s also some online websites that give a brief story about who Auriel is. I decided to put all of that together in one place, in order to give people a clearer view of who Archangel Auriel is.

Auriel is the only female member of the Angiris Council. I’m not really troubled by this because the Angiris Council is rather small. At its largest, it included five Archangels. (There have been some vacancies.) One female angel on the Council is better than none.

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