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Lady Victoria and the House of Deep Sorrow

Anyone who has played through Act V of Diablo III will find that many of the buildings include smaller side quests. If you are playing through Story Mode, you can choose to ignore them and stick with the main quests, or to see how many you can find. Some of these side quests turn up as Bounties in Adventure Mode.

Overall, the stories presented in these little, randomly appearing, optional objectives paint a picture of how bleak and dangerous Westmarch has become. Each shows what happened to random people who were unfortunate enough to be living in Westmarch when Malthael and his minions came and started ripping out people’s souls.

One of the stories that grabbed my attention is in an objective called “House of Deep Sorrow”. It is short, and fairly simple to complete. The implications of what this short story reveals are very disturbing, (even in context of Diablo III).
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