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She’s Come Undone – by Wally Lamb

I think I was seduced by the artwork on the cover of this book. It shows a pale blue sky, with a few clouds, over a body of water that could be an ocean. In the center of the cover, on the horizon line, is a woman’s face surrounded by puffy, white clouds. It is very surreal. It made me wonder what was going on with the disembodied floating face, and what happens in the book.

The story is about the life of Dolores Price as she grows up, has problems and gets over them.  I guess in some ways it can be seen as inspiring.

For most of the book, I was cringing, watching Dolores make bad choice after bad choice, and screwing up her life. To be fair, Dolores has some really bad things happen to her, through no fault of her own, and the effects of those events linger on and color the rest of Dolores’s decisions.

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