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Kitty And the Midnight Hour – by Carrie Vaughn

Kitty Norville is an overnight, Midnight Shift DJ for a Denver radio station. One night, she got tired of the lame song requests, and accidentally ended up starting “The Midnight Hour” talk radio show. This proved to be a big hit! Unfortunately for her, some people in her life aren’t thrilled about the show.

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Elevation – by Stephen King

The title of the book is "Elevation". The word is floating in the night sky with a colorful burst of color behind it.  Tiny letters under that say "a novel" In larger print, towards the bottom of the book, it says "Stephen King"

Scott Carey has a problem. He has discovered that he is losing weight – but not in a way anyone could have predicted. Scott chooses to confide in his friend (and former doctor) Dr. Bob Ellis. Scott Carey asks to be weighed on Dr. Ellis’s scale. Dr. Ellis is retired, but kept his highly accurate scale. The results are alarming!

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The Inner Circle – by T.C. Boyle

An orange rectangle at the top of the book says "T.C. Boyle" (the name of the author. Below it is a green rectangle that says the title of the book "The Inner Circle". Below that is a black and white photograph of two young people who are "necking" inside of a very large car.

The Inner Circle is a work of fiction that also includes some real facts about Alfred Kinsey, the man best known for the Kinsey Reports. The entirety of the book comes to the reader through the mind of a fictional character named John Milk. Author T.C. Boyle makes it very clear that John Milk is a fictional character and not a historical person.

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Truth Like the Sun – by Jim Lynch

The cover of this book says "Jim Lynch, author of BORDER SONGS" at the top. The overall color scheme is different shades of purple. Seattle's Space Needle is the largest thing in the book cover. It is colored with both light purple and orange.

Truth Like the Sun came from a book club that I completely failed to keep up with. It was printed in 2012, and focuses on the 1962 World’s Fair, which took place in the city of Seattle. The story is a work of fiction that gives the readers some very interesting fictional characters, mixed with things that were actually a part of the Fair in the real world.

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The Forked Path – by T. R. Thompson

Cover of The Forked Path by T.R. Thompson. The cover is mostly green, with many plants and trees. A green figure with antlers looks out at the viewer.

The Forked Path, by T.R. Thompson, is Book 2 of the Wraith Cycle. I highly recommend that you read Book 1, The Blood Within the Stone, before jumping into Book 2. This second book picks up not long after the first one ends, and there is an assumption that readers will already be familiar with (most) of the characters.

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The Blood Within The Stone – by T.R. Thompson

Cover of The Blood Within The Stone by T.R. Thompson. It shows a stone castle-like structure at night. Behind it in the sky is a creepy figure.

The Blood Within the Stone is Book 1 of the Wraith Cycle. In it, T.R. Thompson gives the reader a dark and creepy story that exists in what I would consider a fantasy world. The magic in this world is unlike anything I’ve seen before in either a book or movie. This is not a book for children – but adults who enjoy a mix of fantasy, magic, and horror will enjoy this book as much as I did.

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