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Altered Carbon – by Richard K. Morgan

Are we defined by our bodies? Or is who we are something more intangible than that? Morgan brings up some very interesting concepts in Altered Carbon, which is the first in his series. This book will make you think.

Set in the twenty-fifth century, we follow Takeshi Kovacs, who once was a U.N. Envoy. He is about to be involved in a conspiracy, that is more tangled than the batch of wires coming out of a server room, and darker than a murderer’s soul.

He has no choice in the matter. Kovacs knows almost nothing about the situation he finds himself in, and he pieces it together, slowly, as the story moves.

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Book Reviews, fiction 0 comments on White Oleander – by Janet Fitch

White Oleander – by Janet Fitch

Dive in. Swim around for a while in Fitch’s smooth, clear, style of writing. I found myself submerged in White Oleander for hours at a time, without the desire to come up for air. It flows like water. Few other books even come close to how well this book moves.

You may have seen the movie that was based on this book that came out several years ago. Read the book anyway. There are stories within the pages that the movie never even hinted at. Books are generally better than the movies based upon them, anyway, and this rule holds true for White Oleander.

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