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It’s Kind Of A Funny Story – by Ned Vizzini

The drawing on the cover of this It’s Kind of a Funny Story┬áis what first made me decide to pick it up. The outlined image of a head filled with a map of streets that probably don’t exist in the real world was interesting. What is this place? I had no idea.

To me, this drawing is a great visual example of the mind of a person with mental illness. Streets that take you nowhere, but seem to hold so much promise at first glance. Readers attracted to the artwork on the front of the book will be excited to learn that this kind of artwork plays an important part in the story itself. It’s not just pretty cover art!

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Royal Blood – by Rona Sharon

I was impressed with how much stuff is going in within the pages of Royal Blood. The story is set in Tudor England in 1518, and is incredibly detailed. It’s clear that Sharon did her homework, and got all the small pieces that mean so much in a good story correct.

To be honest, when I first started reading this book, I struggled a little bit with the language. Some of the words were unfamiliar to me, but, that is how it should be, to fit the time period. I quickly acclimated, and enjoyed the book immensely.

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