Diablo III, Diablo Lore 2 comments on Who was Zunimassa?

Who was Zunimassa?

Witch Doctor art from Battle NetOne of the Witch Doctor sets in Diablo III is called Zunimassa’s Haunt.   The set is useful if you want to do a pet build.

Those who played a Witch Doctor in Season 6, and who completed certain objectives in the Season Journey, received the entire Zunimassa’s Haunt set. The pieces are obtainable through random drops, too.

Playing a Witch Doctor during Season 6 left me with a question.  Who was Zunimassa?

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Diablo III, Diablo Lore 1 comment on Mayor Holus

Mayor Holus

One of the things I really like about Diablo III is that many of the small NPCs (non-player characters) have their own stories. Such is the case with Mayor Holus, the rotund, well dressed, guy who players first meet in Act I of Story Mode.

I suspect that Mayor Holus was placed into the game, in precisely the spot he stands in, for functional reasons. He starts out as an intentionally unlikable character. Blizzard could have left it at that, but instead, actually wrote some character development for him. It is the little things like this that make the game so interesting.

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Diablo III, Diablo Lore 3 comments on Captain Rumford

Captain Rumford

Captain Rumford is one of the first NPC (non-player characters) that players interact with in New Tristram. If you’ve been playing Diablo III for a long time, you probably skip over the dialogue that involves Captain Rumford. You’ve heard it at least a dozen times by now.

His story is worth taking a second look at. Not only does it tell quite a bit about who he is, it also gives a glimpse into the lives of the people who lived in and around New Tristram when the dead started rising.

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Diablo III, Diablo Lore 3 comments on Lore of Duriel

Lore of Duriel

Duriel is one of the Lesser Evils.  He has what has been referred to as a “twin”.  The lore that is about Andariel indicates that they are not related to each other. They aren’t really siblings. The reason those two Lesser Evils are considered to be “twins” is because the actions of one of them compliments and assists what the other does (in a sick, twisted, way).

Duriel is the Lord of Pain. In the Book of Cain, Duriel is described as “brother to Andariel”. However, Andariel is described as Duriel’s “so called twin”. Their relationship gets a bit more confusing if you consider the information found about Duriel in Diablo III.
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Diablo III, Diablo Lore 4 comments on Lore of Andariel

Lore of Andariel

Andariel is one of the Lesser Evils.  She has what has been referred to as a “twin”, but isn’t technically a blood relation.  She and Duriel work together in different spheres of the Burning Hells. What one does complements and assists the other’s goals (in a weird, twisted, way).

Andariel is the Maiden of Anguish.  She enjoys inflicting emotional pain upon people.  If Andariel were to exist in the “real world”, she would undoubtedly be using Facebook to “catfish” people and Twitter to send people threats of rape, death, and harm to their families.
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Diablo III, Diablo Lore 0 comments on Archangel Auriel

Archangel Auriel

Archangel Auriel is one of the members of the Angiris Council. Players encounter her in Diablo III, but very briefly. There’s a quest to rescue her. (She is taken prisoner by Rakanoth). After that, Auriel helps the player character by opening portals from one zone to the next.

There is more to Auriel than what you see in-game. Some of her story is found in The Book of Cain, and a small piece of it is in The Sin War trilogy.

There’s also some online websites that give a brief story about who Auriel is. I decided to put all of that together in one place, in order to give people a clearer view of who Archangel Auriel is.

Auriel is the only female member of the Angiris Council. I’m not really troubled by this because the Angiris Council is rather small. At its largest, it included five Archangels. (There have been some vacancies.) One female angel on the Council is better than none.

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Diablo A to Z, Diablo III, Diablo Lore 3 comments on Z is for Zayl

Z is for Zayl

This blog is part of an “A to Z” challenge that I started over a year ago… and am finishing now. It’s also my Day 13 post for #Blaugust. Why not kill two blogs with one stone?

Z is for Zayl. He is a beloved character in the Diablo III universe, along with his friend Humbardt.

Zayl is a necromancer. He carries with him the undead skull of Humbert Wessel (often in a pouch). The two play off of each other in was that can seem very comic at times. Overall, these two characters function like good friends, even when they bicker. Humbardt often complains that he wants to be taken out of the pouch because he can’t see anything. Zayl reminds him that he doesn’t have eyes anyway.

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Diablo A to Z, Diablo III, Diablo Lore 0 comments on X is for Xazax

X is for Xazax

A while ago, I participated in an “A to Z” blog challenge. Write one thing for each letter and post it on the correct day. That challenge was my first attempt to write a lot of blogs about the “Diablo universe”. I failed to finish the challenge. I’ve decided that #Blaugust is my second chance to write the leftover “A to Z” blogs that I never got around to completing.

X is for Xazax. He is an obscure character in the “Diablo universe”, so you may not have heard about him. This character doesn’t appear in any of the Diablo video games.

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Diablo III, Diablo Lore 0 comments on Morgan’s Journals

Morgan’s Journals

There are two main ways in which to play Diablo III. You can do Adventure Mode, and spend your time completing bounties and running through Rifts. Or, you can do Story Mode, go through the game Act by Act, and experience the story chronologically.

I suspect that Adventure Mode is the more popular of the two options. It’s faster. It gives players a more efficient way to level a character. It could very well be the best way to find the “loot” you have been seeking.

Story Mode gives the player the overall story that involves the main characters, as well as some history. In addition, there’s a bunch of smaller stories in it just waiting to be found. One of those stories is about an NPC (non-player character) named Morgan that the player never actually gets to meet. All we have to go on are some pages from his journal.

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