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Finding Argus the Collector (Season 2)

This blog is part of the series I am doing that shows my progress through Season 2 in Diablo III. I’m playing a hard core Demon Hunter named Dusk this time.

I’m taking things slowly because Season 2 just happened to appear during what has been a really bad allergy season for me. Hard core characters have “one life to live”. I don’t want my Demon Hunter to die because I sneezed at the wrong moment or was zoned out on allergy medication.

My primary goal for Season 2 is to get Dusk the Demon Hunter to Level 70. If that happens, he will be my first Level 70 hard core character, my fourth overall Level 70 character, and my second Level 70 Demon Hunter.

I’m also working on earning the Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements as I level. As you will see in this blog, I’ve now earned all three of the ones that connect to Act I. The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on February 27, 2015.
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