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Diablo III: The Order by Nate Kenyon

Diablo III: The Order was written by Nate Kenyon. It is the first book that was written with a connection to the Diablo III game. This is not the first time that Nate Kenyon has written for Blizzard. He is also the author of Starcraft Ghost: Specters. However, Diablo III: The Order is his first foray into the Diablo universe, and, in my opinion, he gets it exactly right.

The beta for Diablo III has long since ended, (and I miss it so!) When I first heard that the title of this book was “The Order”, it immediately brought to mind the NPC (non-player character) follower called The Templar. Those of you were in the beta, or who jumped in on the open beta weekend, probably played far enough into the beta to find him. You quickly learn that his name is Kormac, and he has quite a bit to say about “The Order”. Initially, I though this new Diablo book would be about his background.

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