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Pharmakon – by Dirk Wittenborn

The word Pharmakon is Greek, and it means both “cure” and “poison” at the same time. I’m not sure it’s possible to see that word, “Pharmakon”, without immediately thinking about Big Pharma, and and all the drugs that people are prescribed for everything and nothing at all. That is a good place for your head to be at when you read this book.

The first sentence is: “I was born because a man came to kill my father.” Right away, you know that this book will be heartbreaking, and the story will take it’s time explaining itself, and will not take the straight path to get from question to answer.

You know right away that this book will take you on a long, strange, trip to an unknown destination. Kind of like the experience of a person on a newly prescribed “mood altering” drug.

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