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Health Care Under Biden-Harris Administration – January 2021

The Biden-Harris Administration has been making it easier for people to receive the health care they need. This is a huge change from the Trump-Pence Administration, that greatly restricted access to health care.

This blog post is a timeline that covers health care starting on Inauguration Day. It includes federal and state regulations and decisions about health care, and calls from health-related organizations for more to be done. It also includes some of the harmful decisions made by Republicans.

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Alabama’s Anti-Trans Health Care Bill Failed

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Alabama’s anti-trans bill that would have prevented young trans people from receiving necessary health care failed. This is excellent news for young people who are transgender. It means parents will be the ones to make decisions about the healthcare their transgender child or teen receives (not members of Alabama’s legislature).

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Utah Governor Wouldn’t Sign Anti-Trans Bills

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There has been a whole lot of anti-transgender bills going through the legislature of various states. These types of bills all have one thing in common: their entire purpose is to harm people who are transgender.

Utah Governor Spencer Cox (Republican) refused to sign an anti-transgender bill that, if passed, would have prevented girls who are transgender from participating in girls K-12 sports. This is good news for not only transgender girls, but also their families. The Governor also signaled he would veto a bill that would prevent young transgender people from accessing appropriate medical care.

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