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America Needs Universal Health Care

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

It has been called “Single-Payer Health Care”, “Medicare For All”, “Medicaid For All”, and “Universal Health Care”. Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom all have Universal Health Plans.

America Needs Universal Health Care.

This blog post has a timeline of information about the Universal Health Care in the United States of America. It includes studies that show it can work better than our insurance-based system, ideas for implementing it, and how it would help people.

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Three Month Wait

My health insurance premium unexpectedly increased – without warning – at the start of 2019. This means I’ll be paying more out of pocket than expected. I’ve not yet figured out how to pay for the dental work that I need done, and that my dental health insurance won’t cover.

I am writing this blog post while sick, and knowing that I will not have access to a primary care doctor for three months.

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Depo Provera Made Me Sick

Years ago, (somewhere in the early 2000s) I decided to start using a hormonal birth control. After doing some research, I thought that Depo Provera would be a good choice.

It is administered by shot every three months, and is one of the most effective forms of birth control. Unfortunately for me, Depo Provera made me very sick – and the side effects are still here all these years later.

Warning: This blog post is going to contain a lot of what many may feel is “too much information”. It is probably not something everyone will feel comfortable reading. This post is also very long.

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My Doctor Left the Clinic

On September 18, 2018, I received a letter from what I have been referring to as “the clinic for the poor people”. My wonderful doctor, who actually had a lot of knowledge about my allergies, has left the clinic.

This unexpected situation left me without an assigned doctor (or, primary care doctor) during flu season. Not a good situation for a person with three autoimmune diseases who is trying to get on Disability.

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Dentist Expenses

I’m going to start this blog by saying that I have dental insurance – but it doesn’t cover very much beyond regular checkups.  At my most recent checkup, the dentist found some expensive problems that need to be fixed.

Content warning: This blog post contains details about my most recent dentist appointment. I’m not going to post anything graphic and will not include any photos (other than the one at the top of this blog).

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Measles Spreading is the Fault of Anti-Vaxxers

In 2015,  there was a measles outbreak in the United States (and other countries) that began when someone who had the measles visited Disneyland in California. In 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that measles had been eliminated from the Americas (the entire land mass that stretches from Canada to Chile).

But now, measles is back because people are choosing not to vaccinate their children against a dangerous, and preventable, childhood disease. In this blog, I will present facts about measles and the MMR vaccine. This blog also contains a timeline of the measles cases and additional contextual information.

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The Ominous Power of Paperwork

Paperwork, when requested/demanded from a government entity, is certain to cause stress. In this case, the paperwork was something that my husband had to fill out because he receives Social Security Disability benefits. This isn’t the first set of paperwork he’s had to fill out, and it won’t be the last of it.

The paperwork problem is making me hesitant to do the work required for my second attempt at getting Disability benefits. This, while I’m struggling through a horrible Fall pollen season and well aware of how disabled I’ve become.

The image above is from Pixabay.

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Tiny Little Things

The pollen count today is 8.1 and I am miserable. We are about a week or so into the Fall 2018 pollen season now. It has a cumulative effect, and there is absolutely no way to know how long this pollen season will last.

There are times when I think that maybe I’ll be able to work and make enough money to not need to try and get on Social Security Disability. And then, nature tries to kill me, and makes the rest of my chronic illnesses worse. I am struggling.

The problem is… my freelance writing work might actually make it even more difficult for me to get approved for Disability. Again.

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Like a Bad Penny

In February of 2017, after finally making it through the long, exhausting, process of attempting to get Social Security Disability, I was denied. Obviously, this was incredibly frustrating. I started the process in 2014, and spent a big part of the next three years waiting around to see whether or not a Disability Judge would do the right thing.

Long story short, the judge found the flimsiest of excuses to deny me the help that I am entitled to. Last week, I began “Round Two” of my battle to get the Social Security Disability assistance that I need.  If I keep turning up like a bad penny, maybe those who make decisions will do the right thing – so I will go away.

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