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F is for Followers

This blog is part of the series I am writing for the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  The idea is to write a blog that somehow fits with the letter of the day.  It can be about anything that the writer feels is fitting.  I have decided to use this challenge as an opportunity to write about Diablo III (and the “universe” it exists in).  Those that are participating on Twitter are using #AtoZ when posting their blogs.

F is for Follower.   No, I’m not talking about Twitter followers, or how to get more of them.  For this blog, I am going to focus on the three Followers that players unlock as they make progress through Diablo III.  In order to avoid any potential “spoilers” that may, or may not, be a part of Act V, I will restrict this topic to my first impressions of each Follower.  I’m also going to remark about whether my initial feelings about each follower changed (and if so, why).  All of the artwork in this blog came from Battle.net.
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