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I forgot how much Beatrix enjoys cotton swabs until I was using one and looked over to see her staring at me intently.  (Don’t worry, she only gets unused ones to play with.)

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Queen Asylla’s Trick or Treat Tour

The @Diablo account on Twitter posted something special for Halloween. It a little story called “Queen Asylla’s Trick or Treat Tour”.

In the story, Queen Asylla (who is a ghost) goes trick-or-treating around Sanctuary. I love that they picked Queen Asylla for this story! She’s an interesting character that I think has a lot more potential than what we see in-game.

I’ve gathered up the entire tweeted story so it will be easy to find later on.

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Season Journey Chapter III (Season 4)

completed-chapter-3-of-season-journeySeason 4 of Diablo III included something new called the Season Journey. Players who complete every objective, in all of the chapters, will receive a special Portrait Frame and a Pet. I have now completed 3 out of the 4 chapters.

My hope is that I will be able to finish the entire Season Journey before Season 4 ends. Right now, I think it might be something I can accomplish if I keep working at it. I thought that Chapter IV was the end of the Season Journey. Then, something popped up that indicated that there was much more to do beyond Chapter IV.

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Thanks to everyone who’s been enjoying and sharing our blog! We recently crossed over 400 followers so it’s time for another cockatiel profile.

Poke is about 13 years old. She earned her name by being adventurous and inquisitive, always wanting to “poke” things. She is very smart and mild-tempered.

Poke is the only one of our cockatiels to ever lay eggs. None of those eggs have been viable, tho. Still, it’s always a surprise when we find a small cockatiel egg in the bottom of the cage.

Poke was very good friends with Gordo before he died a few years ago. Recently, she’s formed a love/hate relationship with Morris. They’re still working it out.