The @Diablo account on Twitter posted something special for Halloween. It a little story called “Queen Asylla’s Trick or Treat Tour”.

In the story, Queen Asylla (who is a ghost) goes trick-or-treating around Sanctuary. I love that they picked Queen Asylla for this story! She’s an interesting character that I think has a lot more potential than what we see in-game.

I’ve gathered up the entire tweeted story so it will be easy to find later on.

Shortly before @Diablo started posting the “Queen Asylla’s Trick or Treat Tour”, the @AspectofWisdom account posted an Tweet that almost feels like it was hinting towards the release of that story. The @Diablo account responded.

The @Diablo account is one that is run by Blizzard. The @AspectofWisdom account is fan-run. I don’t have any reason to think that the two were working together to hype the story. However, it is fun to think that they could have been.

Queen Asylla started off by trying to trick-or-treat in Tristram.

Next, she went to New Tristram and tried to trick-or-treat at Deckard Cain’s house. No one was home. This particular tweet made a lot of players feel emotional, all over again, about Cain’s death (judging from the response tweets this one got).

Queen Asylla tried to trick-or-treat in Wortham.

Queen Asylla seems to have had some luck finding cupcake treats in Whimseydale. (Or, maybe she went to Whimseyshire?)

Queen Asylla was trying to trick-or-treat at the home of the “Deranged Farmer” who lives on a destroyed farm in the Fields of Misery. Do the related event, and he asks the player to come in to see his wife. She’s little more than a skeleton, and her head falls off during the conversation. The “Deranged Farmer” makes a lot of really bad jokes – which I found amusing.

Queen Asylla returned to The Cursed Hold (where players can find her in-game). She is haunting it.

The “Queen Asylla’s Trick or Treat Tour” was how Blizzard’s @Diablo account celebrated Halloween this year. There wasn’t an in-game event, or a buff, or anything like that. I thought the artwork involved in this little Halloween story was cool. The “tricks/treats” thing at the bottom corner made it look like screenshots from a spooky kid’s game, and the artwork was nicely done.

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