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Thoughts About The Diablo IV Closed Beta

A cloaked figure walks on a path, holding a stick. There is snow on the ground on either side of the path. Barren trees surround the landscape. Two corpses are hanging from one of the trees. Fog shrouds the moon that is glowing in the sky. This is from the Diablo IV website (where you can purchase the game).

The above image was one of many on the Diablo IV official website, where you can buy the game. I’m not certain that I saw this specific image while in the Closed Beta. I spent hours playing it on my Xbox|S.

I decided to start adding my thoughts and (non spoiler) comments about it on my Mastodon account.

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Diablo IV: By Three They Come

Diablo IV takes place many years after the events in the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion. Millions have been slaughtered. Some people (who are part demon and part angel) are still there – trying to survive. It is only a matter of time before an opportunistic and powerful being steps in to take control of it.

Diablo IV: By Three They Come was released at BlizzCon 2019. It provides an intense, and terrifying, look at what to expect in Diablo IV. (At the time I am writing this blog post, Diablo IV has not yet been released.)

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