A Diablo IV Druid looks out at the viewer. She is wearing a hood with antlers on the top of it. The Druid has a staff on her back that has a curled end which a decorative object dangles from. She is waring a purple jacket over a brown, quilted, leather shirt. Her gloves are also made of leather. She wears a belt with things attached to it.

This is Oona, my Diablo IV Druid. In this video, I worked on leveling her up a bit more by exploring dungeons and unlocking areas of the map this character hadn’t been to yet.

Oona started at Level 17, and ended around Level 20. I found the Bear form to be really fun to play, and also learned that it was powerful. This video was recorded on July 28, 2023 (if I remember correctly). I finally got around to editing it.

There is something really delightful about going around Sanctuary as a bear and mauling enemies!

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