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The Likeness – by Tana French

The Likeness is the second book by Tana French.  It follows In the Woods, the first book in the “Dublin Murder Squad” series.  You don’t absolutely have to read In the Woods before you pick up The Likeness, but, readers who skip the first one will miss out on some background information.

The main character in this book is Cassie Maddox, who was one of the detectives in the last book, working on Operation Vestal, with her partner, Ryan. Now, it’s six months later, and Cassie has left the Murder Squad, to work in a department that mostly handles domestic disturbances.

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Book Reviews, fiction 1 comment on In the Woods – by Tana French

In the Woods – by Tana French

In the 1980’s, three best friends, all twelve-years-old, go into the woods adjacent to their Dublin neighborhood. Two are never to be found again.

The third, Adam Ryan, returns covered in blood, and in a state of shock. What happened to the two missing children? No one knows.

Twenty years later, the body of another twelve-year-old is found, in the exact same woods. The girl is found lying on top of an altar stone, in the middle of an active archeological dig. No one knows what happened to this girl, so detectives Rob Ryan and Cassie Mattox are investigating.

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