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Update About My Health Insurance Subsidy

In May of this year, my health insurance subsidy magically disappeared. A bill arrived in which the premium had gone up so much that there was no way we’d be able to pay it. Long story short,  I ended up having to pick a new plan.

At the time, I had a Silver plan. The subsidy helped me pay for it and my premiums were low enough to make it possible for me to afford health insurance coverage. My husband and I are both disabled, and my attempt to get Social Security Disability was denied – so I can’t get Medicare. I’m stuck with individual health insurance from a private company.

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Slowly Starting Season 11

Season 11 of Diablo III started on July 20, 2017.  This one is being called the “Season of the Necromancer” because it is the first Season after the Rise of the Necromancer Pack became available. I was lucky enough to be included in the Necromancer beta – but I haven’t bought the pack yet. (I’ll explain more about that later in this blog post.)

I tend to wait a day or two before jumping into a new Season because I’m still traumatized from the difficulty we all had on Launch Day of Diablo III. There is a reason why my first Diablo III character, a Demon Hunter, was named ThirtySeven. I like to give the game some space and start a few days later, in the hopes of avoiding lag.

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Season 10 Wrap Up

Every so often, I like to do a “Wrap Up” blog after a Season ends. There are many Seasons where I get to the end and simply don’t have anything additional to say about it. The “Wrap Up” gives me an easy way to stick together a lot of stuff that I didn’t cover in the other blogs about that Season, but still wanted to mention.

Season 10, without a doubt, was one of the most fun. Part of the reason was because I was playing a Crusader. I’ve played this class before, so I went in with a good idea of how they work. To me, it feels like I make more progress through a Season when I play a Crusader than when I play any other class.

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Season Journey Chapter IV (Season 10)

My main goal for Season 10 was to complete Chapter IV of the Season Journey. Typically, players have to get at least that far in order to get the special rewards that are only obtainable during a specific Season. By the end of Season 10, I had not only completed my goal, but also finished off a couple of Slayer objectives.

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Season Journey Chapter III (Season 10)

Chapter III of the Season Journey went rather quickly. I tend to do all the Bounties, in all the Acts, right away.  It’s a good way to level up a new character and gather the items you need in order to put things into the Nephalem Cube. There are Seasonal Achievements for completing each Act’s Bounties – and they count towards Chapter III.

The screenshot above shows what Everard the Crusader looked like after he hit Level 70 and had 12 Paragon points. The pet came from a Menagerist Goblin, who dropped it for me a few Seasons ago.

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Season Journey Chapter II (Season 10)

Chapter II of the Season Journey took a little longer for me to complete than Chapter I did. I think the reason was  because Chapter II had 11 objectives to complete (while Chapter I only had 9 objectives.) Part of my video game playing time was spent in the Necromancer beta, instead of working on Season 10.

It didn’t take long for Everard the Crusader to become super shiny! The screenshot above was taken not long after he hit Level 30.

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Season Journey Chapter I (Season 10)

Season 10 of Diablo III took place at the same time that the Necromancer beta did. I ended up deciding to split my time between the two of them, rather than put all of my video game playing time into one (and missing out on the other). Despite this, I ended up making about as much progress as I hoped to in Season 10.

If the Necromancer beta had happened before Season 10 started, or after it was over, I might have gotten farther in Season 10.  Overall, I’m happy with where I ended up by the end of it.  Season 10 started off with several new changes that, in my opinion, improved the game.

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