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Jen’s Lore Corner: What Happened in Sanctuary… Episode 021

Welcome to Jen’s Lore Corner, a podcast about the lore of the Diablo video game series. This podcast started as a segment on the Shattered Soulstone podcast. I decided to re-release those segments in their own podcast.

New content started with Episode 010.

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What Happened in Sanctuary…

Sanctuary was created by an angel named Inarius, a demon named Lilith, and a group of renegade angels and demons who wanted to opt-out of the Eternal Conflict.

For a while, they believed they were safe. They thought that Sanctuary was hidden from both the angels and the demons. But, what happened in Sanctuary didn’t stay in Sanctuary.

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A Timeline of COVID-19 – February 2020

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

The news cycle moves really fast, and can be difficult to keep up with. That’s why I decided to put together a timeline of COVID-19 (also called coronavirus). This blog post contains everything I could find about it from credible sources.

NOTE: Some of the information provided in this blog post may be out of date by the time you read it.

Before reading this blog post, you may want to read my previous blog post, A Timeline of COVID-19 – January 2020.

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Kitchen Scramble App: Greenburg

Greenburg is one of what I think of as the “extra” towns in Kitchen Scramble. Players don’t have to do them in order to continue making progress through the game.

I find the “extra” towns to be a fun challenge. This was not the first time I attempted Greenburg, but it was the first time I was able to complete it.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Daisy Mae’s Pickin’ Patch

The Daisy Mae’s Pickin’ Patch started on April 30, 2020. Either way, the purpose of this event is to grow vegetables and earn garden-related prizes for doing so.

The event ended on May 11, 2020. In this blog post, I have a collection of the best screenshots I took of this event.

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