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Things That Never Were – by Matthew Rossi

One of the things I love about books is that they are an excellent place to escape to when the real world seems dark and dire.  In Things That Never Were, Matthew Rossi gives the reader plenty of interesting, incredibly detailed, glimpses into what the world might have been like if you take what we know of history, twist it around, and see where it goes from there.

The full title of the book is: Things That Never Were: Fantasies – Lunacies –  & Entertaining Lies.  I like to think of it as a series of essays that could be described as “intelligent conspiracy theory”.  That being said, Rossi is not really trying to convince you that the essays in this book are factual (and this is where he differs greatly from actual conspiracy theorists).  These are “things that never were”, after all.   ….Right?

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Disability Hearing

I had my disability hearing and am waiting to find out the results.  The hearing is the third part of the process – after you get denied, and appeal, and get denied again, and appeal that.

The worst part about the disability hearing is the uncertainty.  I got a letter, out of the blue, that told me when and where my hearing would be.  This, after so many months in a row of hearing nothing at all from the government.  Has it been an entire year, or more than that?  I thought they had forgotten about me.

Would the disability judge believe me – or would she assume I’m faking my symptoms?  I figure she’s already made her decision on my case and the hearing is just a formality.

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Season Journey Chapter II (Season 8)

chapter-ii-completed-season-8I’ll be honest: I’ve been a slacker this Season.  It’s not because Season 8 wasn’t interesting, or because I’m getting tired of Diablo III.  Part of what is keeping me away from the game is that things have been very busy in real life lately.

The other thing keeping me from playing is my health.  If I’m not working – I’m sleeping.  Despite this, I managed to complete Chapter II of the Season Journey in Season 8.

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Leveling the Jeweler

The main purpose of Covetous Shen, the Jeweler, is to help the player level up the jewels that they find while adventuring.  He can also remove jewels from a socket, which comes in handy.

Shen starts out at level 1.  Players can raise each crafter up to Level 12.

When I play in Adventure mode during a Season, I try and level up the Jeweler as fast as I can.  The downside of doing this so fast is that I miss out on the wonderful artwork that Blizzard created for each level of the Jeweler.  There are so many details to see!

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