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The Year of Loving – by Traci L. Slatton

Sarah Paige’s life is stressful. She has two daughters, and has very strained relationships with both of them. Her youngest, Alex is a high schooler who is constantly in trouble. Her oldest, Dani, is in college and seems to want absolutely nothing to do with her mother.

Sarah believes that her cantankerous, narcissistic, ex-husband, George Calhoun, is intentionally trying to turn their daughters against her. His attitude probably has something to do with Sarah’s second ex-husband, Clifton Perini, whom Sarah left George for. It feels like he wants to “make her pay” for that humiliation.

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Today, I finally got an answer regarding my Social Security disability case.  I got denied.  They made me wait 75 days from when I had the hearing with the disability judge to tell me “no”.

In short, the disability judge denied my claim because I hadn’t been hospitalized for my severe allergies.  I got penalized because I’ve been super careful about everything I eat, touch, breath in, or otherwise encounter.  I got penalized for trying my best to stay alive.

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