Today, the pollen count is 8.  This is not good for me.

I woke up with eye pain today, and have taken medication for it.  This ruins my whole day.  I’m never quite right after waking up with allergen induced eye pain.

My digestive tract, my kidneys, and probably my liver, are overloaded with pollen – and the histamine my body produces in response to allergen exposure.  Every part of me is sore and tired.

There is no way to know when pollen season will end.

Once again, I am reminded that yes, my allergies are severe enough to be considered a disability (despite what anyone else might say).  I am reminded why I can no longer have a “real job”.  If I had one of those – I’d be fired for being absent all the time.

My husband and I will be picking up food from The Denny’s today, because that kind of food sounds good when I’m this sick.  We have a coupon.  I can already tell that my body will reject the food shortly after I eat it – no matter what I eat today.

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