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Varia: Poetry, Visions and Journeys – by Tom McNellis

Varia: Poetry, Visions and Journeys includes poems by Ramon Alone and other works. It has poetry, inspirational writing, short stories, and more.

The book provides a definition of the word Varia: miscellaneous items, especially a miscellany of literary works.”  I tend to like books that are a mixture of different kinds of writing and that do not fit neatly into a particular box or category.

Some of the poems in Varia were originally posted on the author’s Ramon Alone Twitter and Facebook accounts. I love when people use social media in creative ways like that. There was a time when I filled a Twitter account with haiku.

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That Demon Named Pain

I wrote this poem on April 8, 2018, about the pain that my chronic illnesses inflict upon me. The poem was originally posted on Medium.  It earned me a whole seven cents shortly after I posted it – and nothing after that.

It is difficult to find poetry on Medium – and I think that is part of the reason why this poem got very little attention from readers. So, I pulled it off of Medium and moved it over here, to my own blog.  Maybe I should have just posted this poem here in the first place.

I read “That Demon Named Pain” on episode 062 of Words of Jen.

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