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Fight Club – From Marla Singer’s Viewpoint

This was originally posted on Bitch Flicks as part of their theme week on Women & Gender in Cult Films & B-Movies. They kindly gave me permission to crosspost it here.

Fight Club was released in 1999. It has some spectacular quotes, a great deal of violence, and an awesome cast. When people write about this movie, they tend to focus on the Narrator (played by Edward Norton) and Tyler Durden (played by Brad Pitt) and the connection between the two.

I’m going to assume that everyone reading this has already seen the movie. For those that haven’t, be warned, there will be spoilers here.

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Flight Rising, Other Video Games 0 comments on My Flight Rising Dragons

My Flight Rising Dragons

I just started playing Flight Rising. It is a browser based game that lets you raise, breed, fight, and trade dragons. The artwork is fantastic. All of the artwork you see in this post are copyright of Flight Rising.

When you start, you pick a flight to be a part of. I chose Shadow, because I wanted something somewhat dark that I didn’t happen to be allergic to.

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TrialMan Challenge, World of Warcraft 0 comments on TrialMan Challenge – Day 7

TrialMan Challenge – Day 7

Nazuga started off Day 7 of the TrialMan Challenge on top of a tower, feeling sorry for himself. He didn’t want to be recruited and was quite certain that today would be filled with death. Nazuga had grown quite tired of seeing the Spirit Healer.

There was no point in procrastinating. As a new recruit, Nazuga had been assigned to defend Far Watch. Specifically, he was supposed to go out and kill a whole lot of Razormane that were nearby. Reluctantly, he got up and started walking.

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TrialMan Challenge, World of Warcraft 0 comments on TrialMan Challenge – Day 6

TrialMan Challenge – Day 6

Nazuga made it through Day 6 of the TrialMan Challenge quite some time ago. I didn’t have time to post it until today. My goal is to finish the last few days of the TrialMan Challenge as soon as possible. At the end of Day 5, Nazuga decided to spend the night in his very favorite Inn.

Let’s start off with his stats. He’s had 4 deaths, and is still well under the gold cap for the TrialMan Challenge.

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TV and Movie Reviews 0 comments on First Wives Club – Don’t Get Mad, Get Everything!

First Wives Club – Don’t Get Mad, Get Everything!

This post is one that I originally wrote for Bitch Flicks for their “Older Women in Film” week. I did it as a guest post. They kindly allowed me to cross-post it here.

The First Wives Club is the story of four women who became friends with each other when they were in college. After graduation, the friends ended up drifting apart. This is a situation that happens to a lot of women. Life gets in the way.

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Book Reviews, science fiction 3 comments on Fallen – by Traci L. Slatton

Fallen – by Traci L. Slatton

Fallen is a book that I fell in love with almost immediately. It is a story that takes place in an apocalyptic world, not too far in the future. I tend to gravitate towards these types of stories. Either I am fascinated by the differences between the world I live in and the “alternate universe” one presented in a post-apocolyptic story, or some part of me just wants to “watch the world burn”. Either way, I found Fallen to be completely captivating.

The main character is a woman named Emma, who has become the caretaker of a group of children. One of the children, Mandy, is her own. The rest are, essentially, orphans due to the mists that are plaguing the world.

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