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Deleting WoW Screenshots

Over the years, I have gathered up an abundance of screenshots from several games – including World of Warcraft. My goal is to use up as many of them as I can, since that was the point of taking them in the first place.

The WoW screenshots in this blog post are from 2010. I no longer remember the quests, lore, or story line that goes with them.

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WoW Classic: Questing for Cash

Vaca is a Tauren Warrior who recently hit Level 13. She, and her friend Neverlast, a Tauren Druid, have been adventuring together through WoW Classic.

Today, they traveled around, turned in some quests that they were able to finish, and picked up some new quests they could work on next time.

These screenshots were taken on September 17, 2019

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