Nazuga made it through Day 6 of the TrialMan Challenge quite some time ago. I didn’t have time to post it until today. My goal is to finish the last few days of the TrialMan Challenge as soon as possible. At the end of Day 5, Nazuga decided to spend the night in his very favorite Inn.

Let’s start off with his stats. He’s had 4 deaths, and is still well under the gold cap for the TrialMan Challenge.

Total time played at the start of Day 6: Six hours, Eight minutes, Twenty-Two seconds.

Nazuga began his day by leaving the Inn, carrying the note that Innkeeper Gryshka gave him. His next task is to find the Wind Rider Master, return to Razor Hill, and give the note to Grimtak the Butcher.

After wandering around for a while, Nazuga finally found Doras the Wind Rider Master. Orgrimmar was a lot bigger than he’d realized!

Off he flew!

Razor Hill was not as Nazuga remembered it. He had not been gone that long. In the meantime, it looked like an army had gathered in the town. An important looking Tauren, with a tree trunk strapped to his back, was having an argument with an equally important looking Troll.

Baine Bloodhoof: And for what?  What did the Horde gain from such actions?  Garrosh is a fool and a betrayer.  I should have killed him long ago, when he betrayed my father.

Vol’jin: You gonna get your chance mon.  But first we gotta take da city.

Baine Bloodhoof: Have you been communicating with the humans?

Humans? Nazuga scratched his head. Why would the Horde want to be communicating with Humans? He had no idea what was going on.

Vol’Jin: Both da alliance and da horde got ships sailin for da harbor.  We gonna split their forces an assault da front gate.

Baine Bloodhoof: A bold plan.  Let us hope we do not run into any surprises.

Vol’Jin: I don’t think we got a choice, mon.

Vol’Jin: Almost all of da troops be here now.

Bane Bloodhoof: I am uneasy, old friend.

Vol’Jin: An me as well.  We dun know what Garrosh has been plannin this whole time.  What he’s got in store for us.

Baine Bloodhoof: I fear for the safety of our people.

Vol’Jin: Not everyone gonna come out of this alive.

Confused and concerned about what that conversation implied, Nazuga decided to finish the quest he came here to complete. Stepping around the troops that were now crowding Razor Hill, he returned to Grimtak the Butcher.

“I have a note for you from Innkeeper Gryshka.” Nazuga handed over the note. Grimtak, of course, was quite happy with Gryshka’s response. After all, what Orc woman could resist a gift of raw meat?

After that, Nazuga decided to stop and think about what to do next. He left Razor Hill with a simple task – deliver some meat. He returned to Razor Hill with another simple task – deliver a note. In the meantime, the world was changing into something rather complex.

Nazuga decided he did not want to get involved with whatever was about to happen. His skills as a Mage were not that great, and getting involved in a big battle seemed like a bad idea.

Takrin Pathseeker had something for Nazuga to do. He asks Nazuga to bring a recruitment letter to Kargal Battlescar at the Barrens.

Nazuga frowned. Everyone around him looked much more capable than he was. If the Horde needed his ability as a Mage… they were already doomed.

An idea occurred to him. If I take this quest, this will be the second letter I deliver. Perhaps the Horde can recruit me as a postmaster instead of a soldier. Also… this gives me a good reason to get out of Razor Hill. He reached out, and accepted the recruitment letter.

Nazuga still can’t use a mount, so he had to walk. On the way, he passed a rather strange Hunter who was walking by with his pet cat.

Hmm…, though Nazuga, I expected a Hunter like that have at least one gun on him. Maybe he is carrying it concealed in his bag?

Eventually, Nazuga discovered that he had been walking in the wrong direction. Too bad he didn’t figure that out before wandering through an area filled with Harpies that wanted to try and kill him. This experience is what led to Nazuga’s first attempt at using First Aid.

Now, he was ready to fight his way back out of the canyon.

Ding! Nazuga is now Level 11.

Nazuga stared down at the corpse of the Harpy he just killed and realized something. He disliked them about as much as the rotten little dinosaurs that he encountered a few days ago.

You, Orc, stop for a minute! Vek’nag asks Nazuga to go find his boss, Spiketooth. He seems to believe that sending Nazuga out there will somehow count as proof that Vek’nag wasn’t just “slacking”. Nazuga /shrugs. He agrees to go help Spiketooth… if he can manage to find him.

Spiketooth was not even the slightest bit impressed with his employee, Vek’nag’s, efforts. Vek’nag sent you? Without telling you that I need wagon wheels, nails, and rations? That idiot. Nazuga /shrugged. What could he say? There seemed to be a lot of dim-witted Orcs in Azeroth.

Nazuga quickly learns that Spiketooth is a slave owner. He has three slaves that he intends to put into some kind of Gladiator battle. But, since his wagon broke, he cannot get there. He has chained up his three slaves, and wants Nazuga to go fight each one of them.

Gaur Icehorn is a Taunka. According to Spiketooth, Gaur is a traitor and a criminal. He was stealing supplies in Azshara when Spikehorn stepped in and … bought him… before he ended up executed. Nazuga feels a bit sick inside. Taunka have a close relationship with the Horde. Keeping him as a slave feels especially wrong.

Spiketooth assures Nazuga that he wouldn’t have kept Gaur as a slave if it weren’t for the circumstances he found him in. He dares Nazuga to go fight him, offering 10 silver if Nazuga manages to beat his “winningest gladiator”.

“Do I frighten you, Orc?”, Gaur asks.

No, I do not fear you., Nazuga clarifies, I feel bad for you. You seem…. sad. Guar smirks, and agrees to the fight.

Before his eyes, Nazuga watched Guar change form.

Shocked, Nazuga backed away, and started to run. Over his shoulder, he yelled “I have changed my mind. Yes, you do frighten me!” Guar responded with deep, booming, laughter. He laughed so hard his eyes watered. This is what allowed Nazuga to win the battle.

Ghislania is a Naga, something Nazuga had not yet encountered. To him, she looked like one of those Harpies, only with fins instead of wings. Spiketooth said she had lost her last three fights. “She could use a tune-up.”, Spiketooth said, as he sent Nazuga off to pick a fight with her.

At first, the battle was going well. Nazuga managed to stay out of range of Ghrislania’s lightning bolts. It helped to freeze her in place, and then run, and shoot fireballs at her from far away. But then, Nazuga made a tragic error. He accidentally froze both Ghrislania and Guar at the same time.

Soon, they were both after him! Gaur grew to his giant form, while Ghrislania made threats involving the lightning bolts she could throw. “You’ll soon learn that lightning and water don’t mix!”

Nazuga tried to run. He managed to defeat Ghrislania, but Guar proved to be too much for him. It didn’t take long before Nazuga was lying on the ground, dead again, listening to Guar’s booming laughter.

(Nazuga has now officially died 5 times during the TrialMan Challenge.)

“Hello again, Spirit Healer. We must stop meeting like this”.

There was one last battle to fight. Spiketooth wanted Nazuga to fight his newest gladiator, Griswold Hanniston. “He hasn’t really been battle tested”, warned Spiketooth. His hope was the outcome of the battle would help him determine if this new gladiator was worth keeping around.

“What’s the matter, chum… never seen a worgen before?”

“Well, since you asked… no. I thought you were a strange looking Tauren, with a funny name.”, Nazuga responded. This was all it took to entice Griswold into a battle.

The battles were finished. Spiketooth paid Nazuga for his efforts, and Nazuga quickly left the shoreline. Spiketooth was mumbling about “reconsidering his policy about not keeping Horde as slaves”.

Next, Nazuga spent some time practicing his Arcane Blast spell. He almost forgot to complete a quest that he picked up in Razor Hill. Something about finding scrolls from the Burning Blade (that just so happened to be held by Burning Blade Orcs).

What’s next? Suddenly, he realized that he never actually read the recruitment letter he was carrying. What did it say?

Somehow, he was expecting more than a form letter. Kargal Battlescar didn’t seem to impressed with it either. “Not another lowbie Mage!”, Kargal Battlescar thought to himself, while screaming in sheer frustration.

Nazuga hit level 12 when he turned in the recruitment letter. Sadly, this did not make Kargal Battlescar like him any better.

A very weary Nazuga spent the night at the Far Watch Post in the Northern Barrens. He didn’t really want to be recruited. What would tomorrow bring?

Here are Nazuga’s stats at the end of Day 6.

Amount of time spent playing Nazuga by the end of Day 6 of the TrialMan Challenge.

Progress: Level 12
Location: Far Watch Post
Deaths: 5 (total since TrialMan Challenge Started)
Total Time Played: 7 hours, 30 minutes, 38 seconds

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