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Waiting Indefinitely

It’s been more than a month since I had my third, and final, disability hearing.  I understand that disability judges aren’t known for their speedy decision making abilities, and that there were four holidays between when I had the hearing and today (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve).

I get it.  I’m trying to be patient.

I’m having trouble waiting for an indefinite amount of time for an answer that will either make my life a bit easier – or that will make it significantly harder to struggle through.  I can’t move on until I know which way things will go, and I refuse to let my hopes go up for fear of them crashing to the floor and shattering into a thousand pieces when the mail finally arrives.

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Flight Rising: Blazing Goblin

Flight Rising is a fun game where players get to control a Lair full of dragons.  Each dragon can have its very own Familiar (which is sort of like a pet for your dragons).  You can collect treasure by clicking on the Familiars every day.

There are special holiday festivals every month where players can obtain special Familiars.  The 2016 Flameforger’s Festival took place at the end of August of 2016.  It honors the Fire Flight. The Blazing Goblin was the special Familiar for that festival.

All of the artwork in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

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Candy Crush Saga: Delicious Drifts

Episode 18 of Candy Crush Saga is called Delicious Drifts.  It features a Polar Bear who is sad because the fish he wanted to eat is frozen inside a block of ice.   It makes sense that a Polar Bear would want to eat a fish.  This little story line works better than the one in the previous Episode of Candy Crush Saga.

The little girl drops by and asks, “Why so down, Mr. Bear?”  This makes it clear that the Polar Bear is male.

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The Dwarves Enjoy Winter Veil

The Dwarves are Hansbrix the Hunter (and his pet bear, Fridge) and Bradanna the Priest.  My husband and I have been playing these two characters together and working our way through Azeroth, zone by zone.

Once in a while, The Dwarves take a moment to enjoy some of the World Events that are happening.  This year, we only had a limited amount of time to check out Winter Veil. The screenshots you see in the blog were taken on December 25, 2016.

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Neko Atsume: Saint Purrtrick

Saint Purrtrick is one of the “Rare Cats” in Neko Atsume.  It is more difficult to get a “Rare Cat” to visit your Neko Atsume  yard/home than it is to get the more common cats to visit.  The best way to convince a “Rare Cat” to visit is to place an item that the specific cat likes.

Saint Purrtrick will visit you if you put the Kotatsu somewhere in your Neko Atsume yard/home. He also likes the Silk Crepe Pillow.   It took a long time before Saint Purrtrick decided to visit me. Fortunately, may other Neko Atsume cats will play with the Kotatsu and the Silk Crepe Pillow.

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