The Dwarves are Hansbrix the Hunter (and his pet bear, Fridge) and Bradanna the Priest.  My husband and I have been playing these two characters together and working our way through Azeroth, zone by zone.

Once in a while, The Dwarves take a moment to enjoy some of the World Events that are happening.  This year, we only had a limited amount of time to check out Winter Veil. The screenshots you see in the blog were taken on December 25, 2016.

This year, The Dwarves found some new Holiday Outfits to wear.  They are a big improvement over the previously offered Winter Veil festive outfits!  The old ones were very form fitting (for male characters) and sort of like a bikini (for female characters).  The new holiday outfits look very nice on Dwarves.

Hansbrix is wearing the “Finely-Tailored Green Holiday Outfit – Male”.  Bradanna is wearing the “Finely Tailored Red Holiday Outfit – Female”.   There are two other Holiday Outfits (a red one for male characters and a green one for female characters).

Bradanna and Hansbrix got these fancy Holiday Outfits by clicking on one of the festive clothes chests that were in Ironforge near where Greatfather Winter sits.  The color of Holiday Outfit that comes out of the chest is random.  I think the outfits are temporary.  As a group, they are called “Disposable Winter Veil Suits”.

The Snow Globe was a new addition to Winter Veil.

The Dwarves stepped into the Snow Globe…. and turned into Gnomes!

The Snow Globe is beautiful!

Hansbrix and Bradanna had enough time to open up the presents that waited for them under the tree.  They each got a couple of Achievements for doing so.  I took screenshots, but the area around the tree was as chaotic as it is every year.  One of the Achievements didn’t pop up on the screen for me – possibly because the area was so crowded.

Brr… It’s Cold in Here: Proud owner of the 2016 Vintage Winter Veil gift, the Endothermic Blaster.

We haven’t tried out the Endothermic Blaster yet, and aren’t quite sure what it does.  Hopefully, it will let us throw snowballs at each other without having to collect individual snowballs from that area where The Abominable Greench is located.

He Knows If You’ve Been Naughty!: Open one of the presents underneath the Winter Veil tree once they are available.

Both of The Dwarves earned this Achievement the instant they started opening their presents.

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