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TrialMan Challenge – Day 5

My little Orc Mage, Nazuga, just completed Day Five of the TrialMan Challenge. Halfway there! Day Five was a bit if a struggle, but was still interesting and fun. I figure it might have gone more smoothly if I wasn’t so very tired when I was playing WoW.

This time, I remembered to take a screenshot of both the stats and the time played right away.

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Diablo: Sword of Justice by Aaron Williams and Joseph LaCroix

Fear is the Fuel
Blood is the Spark
Kindle the Rage
And Bring Forth the Dark

Diablo: Sword of Justice is a comic that is set in the Diablo universe. It was written by Aaron Williams, and the Lead Artist was Joseph LaCroix. It started out as a limited edition series of five comics that were released sometime in 2012.

If you missed out on those, don’t worry. They have been put together into a nice, glossy, paperback that includes each of the five comics, one right after the other. The story moves along quickly, with plenty of action, and a touch of the darkness and creepiness that fans of the Diablo games (and books) will enjoy.

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Scent of the Missing – by Susannah Charleson

The full title of this book is: Scent of the Missing: Love & Partnership with a Search-And-Rescue Dog. It is a non-fiction book that gives readers a detailed look into what it is like to be a person who works with a dog for the purpose of Search and Rescue. I’ve read this book twice now, and highly recommend it.

One glance at the cover will attract any dog lover. Who could resist the lovely Golden Retriever staring back at you? This book is a memoir, of sorts, where Susannah Charleson tells the story of how she ended up working with a Search and Rescue dog – with the perfect name of “Puzzle”.

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