I am still working on the TrialMan Challenge. I got through Day 4, and then got super busy, and didn’t even have time to blog about it. So, here it is. Nazuga, my Orc Mage, started out Day 4 at level 7.

First, a quick review of stats from Day 3.

I’ve spent a total of 3 hours, 17 minutes, and 17 seconds playing Nazuga.

No deaths yet. He’s still well below the “cap” of 10 gold.

Nazuga met a Goblin named Gail Nozzywig. She gave him lots of quests to do.

In addition to giving quests, Gail Nozzywig also proceeded to hit on Nazuga, over and over again.

Hey there, handsome! I’ve had my eye on those big, beefy biceps ever since you stepped into town.

Off to Tiragarde to pick up some Kul’Tiras knicknacks…and kill a few more Humans. The place appeared to be abandoned at first glance.

Getting closer, it became apparent that several Humans were in there.

Ding! Nazuga hit level 8 in Tiragarde.

Nazuga found a sparkly box that turned out to be one of those “Kul’Tiras knickknacks” that Gail Nozzywig wanted him to go find for her. Technically, these are called “Kul’Tiras Treasure”. Nazuga made sure to gather up the right amount of them in an attempt to avoid having to turn around and go back here right after returning to town.

Nazuga bravely fought his way past the Humans so he could enter that “keep” (for lack of a better term) over there. Somewhere inside was a Human Lieutenant he’d been asked to kill.

Not far inside the “keep”, Nazuga encountered Sergeant Curtis. He’s not the Human Nazuga was sent to kill. However, he is kind of in the way… so, he needs to die!

This didn’t work out so well. Here lies Nazuga, dead for the first time since he was created.

Hello, Spirit Healer. I’ll be doing a “corpse run” now. Hope not to see you soon!

If at first you don’t succeed… hit “Blood Fury” and try again!


The same technique – hit “Blood Fury” – worked well with Lieutenant Palliter, too.

Nazuga killed a random Human and stole his pants. The Orc Mage finally has pants! They fit, despite the difference in size between an Orc and a Human. The pants must have been the “stretchy” kind.

The new pants did not go unnoticed.

Gail Nozzywig purrs… at Nazuga?

Next, she calls him a “sweetheart”.

Not sure what to make of the overly affectionate little Goblin woman, Nazuga finds another quest giver. He returns to Gar’Thok, to inform him of the quick demise of Lieutenant Palliter.

Doing so results in a new quest (from Cataclysm) and…

…a snazzy pair of slightly acid washed jeans!

Before leaving town, Nazuga took the time to learn some basic First Aid.

He wasted no time in beginning the quest to kill some Sea Elementals.

What’s that, lying in the sand over there? It looks like the body of an Orc.  I’ll never see my husband again!

Nazuga saved this Razor Hill Grunt, and she followed him around for a while until she was strong enough to return to town. He fought off the Sea Elementals so she could recover.

Kill Sea Elemental, save another Razor Hill Grunt, repeat process. Some of the Razor Hill Grunts were female, and others were male (who lamented never seeing their wife again). All of them were Orcs. Nazuga just happened to find a female Razor Hill Grunt first.

Back to Razor Hill to turn in the quest. Ding! Nazuga is now level 9.

Gail Nozzywig sends Nazuga back to the shore to pick up more stuff for her. As you can see, he’s not too impressed by this idea.  But, I was just there! Why didn’t you mention this before I left?

He spent the rest of the night running errands for her. So, yeah… Nazuga and Gail Nozzywig are pretty much dating now. That was fast!

She continues to hit on him.  Hey handsome, welcome back!… See ya soon, beefcake!

Has my knight in shining armor returned?

…If you ever need anything There she is!

This budding new romance didn’t last very long before there was trouble.  What? We can’t see other people?

I left Nazuga sitting next to his girlfriend, pondering the future of their relationship.

Progress: Level 9
Location: Razor Hill
Deaths: One
Total Time Played: More than 3 hours and 15 minutes. (I wish I’d remembered to take a screenshot of that so I could be more accurate).

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