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Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny is an adorable app that is designed to remind people to drink more water. It isn’t a video game, but it does include gamification (in a similar way to the Epic Win app).

The goal is to grow a variety of cute plants from a seed to Level 4. After a plant hits Level 4, it goes into your permanent garden and grows more seeds for you. Every time you drink water you are supposed to go into the app and give the plant you are currently growing a virtual drink.

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I Tried Bubblews – and Quit

Years ago, I put time and effort into creating blog posts on a website called Bubblews (which no longer exists.)  It was one of those sites that pays writers by the page click.  At first, Bubblews seemed to have potential. That didn’t last, and I eventually quit. I wrote about Bubblews on November 19, 2014.

I read “I Tried Bubblews – and Quit” in episode 34 of my Words of Jen podcast.

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I Tried Bubblews – And Quit – Episode 034

In this episode, I read a piece of writing that I wrote on November 19, 2014 (and then added an update to later on).  The piece was written about a website called Bubblews that closed down forever. I wasn’t surprised when it closed because it had a lot of problems.

I read “I Tried Bubblews – And Quit” in episode 34 of Words of Jen.

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