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Champion – Halfway There (Season 13)

Season 13 was the very first time I attempted to complete any of the objectives in the Champion part of the Season Journey.  The experience was both exciting, and frustrating, at times. It required a lot of problem solving to figure out what I needed to do to get my Necromancer ready for Torment X.

This blog post contains the Twitch videos I recorded as I worked towards the halfway point of the Champion part of the Season Journey in Season 13.

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Book Reviews, fantasy 1 comment on Heartless – by Matthew Rossi

Heartless – by Matthew Rossi

Heartless is the second book in the Nameless series. You should read Nameless before you jump into Heartless.

Nameless ended in a way that made it clear that the “big bad” is no longer a threat. That doesn’t mean all the damage is done, however. In many ways, this is a story of redemption and forgiveness. It is about building trust with family after bad things have happened. This was touched on at the end of Nameless, and builds in Heartless.

The wonderful, individualistic, magic that was established in the first book continues to be part of the story. I love how imaginative the characters are in how they express their magical abilities. Rossi’s character’s are so vivid, and feel so real, that I find them fascinating even when they aren’t doing magic.

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Diablo III, Diablo Seasons 0 comments on Greater Rift Clears (Season 13)

Greater Rift Clears (Season 13)

I am taking part in the Solo Self Found League (SSF) for Season 13 of Diablo III. It isn’t an official Blizzard thing.

Instead, it is a bunch of Diablo III players who wanted to play through Season 13 solo and who also wanted to have the opportunity to make it onto a Leaderboard. The SSF Leaderboard requires proof that you cleared a Greater Rift in the time that you said you did.

As such, I’ll be posting screenshots of every Greater Rift I clear during Season 13 onto this blog. It gives me an easy way to provide that proof without having to make an account on some photo hosting service.

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Hearthstone, Other Video Games 0 comments on Hearthstone: Opening 16 Card Packs While Streaming

Hearthstone: Opening 16 Card Packs While Streaming

The best thing about Hearthstone, in my opinion, is the wonderful artwork that is on the cards.  I play Hearthstone very casually, and tend to forget when I’ve received a free pack of Hearthstone cards.

Just for fun, I decided to open up the 16 card packs that I’d accumulated all in a row.  The result was a short, yet interesting, Twitch video.

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