Chapter III of the Season Journey in Diablo III is one that typically does not take me very long to complete. In Season 13, I finished it off faster than I ever had before. This gave me time to create a brief tutorial about how to extract Legendary powers in Kanai’s Cube.

I think one reason why it was so quick this time around is because I was streaming. It provides me with motivation to play video games more often. Another reason is that I finished many of the Chapter III objectives shortly after I started playing Season 13 (and long before I unlocked Chapter III).

Watch Diablo III: Season 13 SSF Chapter III – Kanai’s Cube Tutorial from Queenofhaiku on

In this video, I provide a brief tutorial about how to extract Legendary powers with Kanai’s Cube. For additional details, I recommend you check out my previous blog post about it: How to Extract Legendary Powers with Kanai’s Cube. (It has screenshots and walks you through all the small details.)

Watch Diablo III Season 13 SSF Chapter III Complete! from Queenofhaiku on

This was the fastest I have ever completed Chapter III of the Season Journey!

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