Chapter III of the Season Journey in Diablo III is one that typically does not take me very long to complete. In Season 13, I finished it off faster than I ever had before. This gave me time to create a brief tutorial about how to extract Legendary powers in Kanai’s Cube.

I think one reason why it was so quick this time around is because I was streaming. It provides me with motivation to play video games more often. Another reason is that I finished many of the Chapter III objectives shortly after I started playing Season 13 (and long before I unlocked Chapter III).

In this video, I provide a brief tutorial about how to extract Legendary powers with Kanai’s Cube. For additional details, I recommend you check out my previous blog post about it: How to Extract Legendary Powers with Kanai’s Cube. (It has screenshots and walks you through all the small details.)

This was the fastest I have ever completed Chapter III of the Season Journey!

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