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Deleting WoW Screenshots

Over the years, I have gathered up an abundance of screenshots from several games – including World of Warcraft. My goal is to use up as many of them as I can, since that was the point of taking them in the first place.

The WoW screenshots in this blog post are from 2010. I no longer remember the quests, lore, or story line that goes with them.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp 3 comments on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Bunny Day

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Bunny Day

Bunny Day is an event in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. I think it is somewhat different from the one in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Pocket Camp version involves catching strange little egg fish for a “Fishing Tourney”.

Zipper the bunny makes me uncomfortable in so many ways!

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Neko Atsume: Senior Don Gato

Senior Don Gato is a rare cat. The only item he likes is called Mister Mouse. When he finds this toy, he stabs Mister Mouse with his sword.

Neko Atsume is a game where players try to encourage all the cats to come to their yard/home. The way to do it is to put out interesting items and hope the cats come to use it.

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Season 20: Moving Right Along

At the start of this video, Zeta the Softcore Barbarian was at Level 19 and was playing in Normal difficulty. It was time to make some changes and get Season 20 moving right along.

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