Over the years, I have gathered up an abundance of screenshots from several games – including World of Warcraft. My goal is to use up as many of them as I can, since that was the point of taking them in the first place.

The WoW screenshots in this blog post are from 2010. I no longer remember the quests, lore, or story line that goes with them.

For context, I was using a Mac Mini in 2010. I don’t remember what type of monitor that was. Yes, my keyboard had stickers on it to look like a pirate flag. The mouse pad is of The Scream by Edvard Munch.

My Tauren completed some kind of quest. I liked the contrast between the darkness of the cave and the bright light in front of my Tauren.

This is Zoeie, a Dranei Shaman. She was my main for a long time. Zoeie is wearing a tabard with a spider web design. The design was changed often, but I liked this one the best.

I took this screenshot because Zoeie had been cursed and I thought the glowing skulls, in a cloud of green poison, looked cool.

The curse effect is more interesting when in a dark room.

While I cannot remember what type of creature this one is, I do recall that it would run towards me and then suddenly stop. It sits and it stares. I’m fairly certain that this thing has undergone several aesthetic changes since 2010.

Which one of my characters is looking at the green goo that is pouring down from somewhere? I have absolutely no idea.

My shaman got lost in here. I took this screenshot because of the pattern of intertwined branches in the sky.

The limited color palette in this screenshot was what caught my attention. Nearly everything is a variety of green.

Zoeie is flying somewhere on a griffin. The background of this screenshot uses a very limited gray color palette. I like the way the brightly colored griffin stands out.

Zoeie is riding a Striped Frostsaber through Westfall. Both of them look completely out of place. I’ve no idea why I bought her this mount. She’s definitely not a Night Elf, and this was long before mounts were automatically shared across characters.

Once again, I’ve taken a screenshot where the subject matter pops out against the background. It was not intentional. Maybe this is just something that happens with people who have a degree in Art Education.

Here is what Menethil Harbor looked like before it became flooded.

In this one, Zoeie is flying over some ruins.

This screenshot feels like something mystical is about to happen. In the center, there is a large stone with a mysterious rune carved on it. Below it, in a circle, is a row of candles (or something similar). A glowing creature is walking towards it. Floating rocks are in the air.

This statue of an archer was located in the area where the Night Elves were at. I don’t think it exists in-game today. Or, if it does, it is probably in pieces.

My very serious Death Knight, Riglee, is riding Gnome mount that is bouncy.

I’ll end this blog post with a screenshot of Bessimu, my Tauren Warrior, riding a bat. Bessimu is wearing a hat from Brewfest.


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