The screenshot above is from Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. It caught my attention because I took it just as the light was changing in the game. The result was a washed-out scene that might make an interesting album cover.

My intent when I take screenshots is that I will use them in a blog post, or in the information I put together in order to do my Jen’s Lore Corner podcast. The problem is that I forget what I’ve already got screenshots of, which means I end up with multiple copies of the same thing.

Shortly before putting this blog post together, I deleted a bunch of old Diablo III screenshots. The ones I put into this blog post are images that I found interesting, but I don’t have any specific use for.

I like this very peaceful scene of the Monk meditating on a rock next to a waterfall. Diablo III has very few tranquil moments in it, so this one stands out to me.

I took this screenshot shortly after my Hardcore Demon Hunter finished Act V in the story mode. I didn’t think he would make it that far.

Dusk the Demon Hunter ended up in the Hall of Fallen Heroes.

One of the things I like about Diablo III is the detailed designs that are in parts of it. I took this screenshot because I think it will be fun to try and draw it.

My Barbarian is standing on top of part of Bastion’s Keep, with the Templar not far away. Sneaking up behind them is one of those awful demons that throws fireballs and spawns smaller demons.

The thing that caught my attention here was that if you look down, you can see there are buildings on the ground below. Some of those structures are severely damaged, others will be soon.

Those are the homes of the people who live outside of the Keep. The image is subtle, and easy to pass by without seeing it. The hero is busy fighting the demons that are attacking the Keep. There is no one helping the townspeople outside the Keep to survive.

It is one of the small details that brings the dangers in this world into focus. We, the players, are wrapped up and focused on the story our characters are living. But, there are others, much weaker and less able to fend for themselves, who are dying.

There is potential for this screenshot to be the scene that turns into a short story. I’ve never attempted to write a story in the Diablo “universe”, but this screenshot makes me consider giving it a try.

The Monk and the Templar are fighting the ghost of a soldier who, seconds ago, died in front of them. To me, the choreography of their moves looks like something that would fit right into a movie.

This scene, in the Temple of the First Born, gave players a glimpse of what they can expect in Diablo IV. Blood everywhere!

This carving is in the floor of The Pandemonium Fortress. It appears to be about a battle between an angel who is holding a sword, and an crowd of demons who are holding pikes. I’m not sure if the angel is supposed to be Tyrael.

It makes sense for this carving to be there because The Pandemonium Fortress is where battles of The Eternal Conflict took place.

I’ll end this blog post with a Monk leading a small band of ghost cows into battle.


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